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mjonasz April 27th, 2021 05:22 PM

At Any Cost - Major Barkas' hilltop too far.
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This scenario is based on a scene from the novel At Any Cost.*

Greece (assault) vs Turkey (defend). 2020.*

The battle is set in Turkish-controlled eastern Thrace and takes place during the Greek offensive into that region. In the scenario, a Greek mechanized company under Major Barkas conducts a night attack against a Turkish-held hilltop. The Greek offensive is running out of steam and the company is reduced in size - it's short three APCs and some of its squads are understrength. Reconnaissance conducted by a couple of scouts identified a Turkish platoon without any armored vehicles as defending the hill.*
This scenario is designed to be played from the Greek side.
Design: Maciej Jonasz*

Aeraaa April 28th, 2022 10:44 AM

Re: At Any Cost - Major Barkas' hilltop too far.
Just played it. Pretty easy and straightforward scenario. Dismounted my mech inf around 8 hexes from the hill and moved them slowly towards the top, with the APCs following 50m behind. One of my recoiless rifle teams got whacked as they became pointmen and another squad lost 4 men but they did find 2 Turkish infantry squads, an 106mm RR and a dug in .50cal. When I found them, the entire company (dismounts and APCs) opened fire and demolished them. After that a couple of dismounts climbed the top of the hill, found the last surviving infantry squad and the HQ and my APC fire and close assault by infantry finished them off. Got a marginal victory (mainly because the scenario's VP are worth 0), but my casualties were low, while the Turkish force was destroyed.

final result below:


Karagin April 28th, 2022 01:13 PM

Re: At Any Cost - Major Barkas' hilltop too far.
Nice way to run through it. Good approach and careful use of troops and combined arms.

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