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Tim Brooks April 1st, 2020 04:39 AM

This is No April Fools Joke!
This is No April Fools Joke!
The New Approaching Infinity Upgrade Removes The Registration Process!

Wilmington, NC, 1 April 2020

Hey, Approaching Infinity players, now there is no registration process necessary for bunny petting space adventure greatness!

Shrapnel Games and Developer Ibology have just made available patch v.1.3.1 for Approaching Infinity. This patch replaces all earlier patches and adds only the removal of the registration process. That's right, no more serial number checks.

The patch, for both PC and Mac versions, can be downloaded from the Approaching Infinity product page, located below. Saved games are completely compatible with this update, so refitting can be done in the middle of your current jaunt amongst the endless stars.


Approaching Infinity is a turn-based science fiction game of infinite space exploration and adventure. Each game grants you an entirely new universe, allowing for unlimited replayability. Explorer, pirate, mercenary, trader, or perhaps a mixture, the where and why of your adventures is entirely up to you. There are multiple victory conditions that allow a hard win, but there is also simply the sense of satisfaction of your own five year trek across the stars. Approaching Infinity is a true galactic exploration game, where you (and sometimes fate!) will decide when your tale is over.

As the mysteries of the universe are revealed the player can upgrade their starship, better their crew, buy low and sell high on the galactic commodity market, craft new items, meet new aliens, board wrecks, explore planets, caves, ruined cities, and take on a multitude of quests. The game is rogue-like in the sense of content totally procedurally generated.

Additionally, beyond packing thousands and thousands of hours of gameplay into the standard version of Approaching Infinity players can freely mod practically everything in the game.

For more information on Approaching Infinity, including the month-long special price, be sure to visit the product page at the link we gave you to download the patch. And check out Shrapnel Games' full catalog at www.shrapnelgames.com for our complete selection of eclectic gaming goodness. Our library speaks to the discerning gamer.

Wdll July 2nd, 2020 08:42 PM

Re: This is No April Fools Joke!
The page doesn't exist? Where is the patch located?

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