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danayel November 15th, 2012 05:42 PM

Re: Nation - Tomb Kings - v1.03 released (March 2009)!
A bit of a thread necro (ironic?), but after playing a few games with Tomb Kings I have to say I love them.

Just something random, but the flavor text for the Watchers says that they spend their time "...spotting any treasure hunters far off, moving silently silently through the necropoli, and killing without warning".

That sounds like they should have a patrol bonus and/or stealth.

Right now their main purpose seems to be as thug killers, or expensive light infantry, but I could see them getting a lot more use if they had either of the above abilities.

Patrollers for hunting down those that would defile the sanctity of the tombs, and/or sneaky ambush squads to jump out of the shadows on commanders and small squads who dare venture into the dead cities.

Though with no stealthy commanders, you would need to put a crown on a scout of the like to move them stealthily - which may be a good limiter on their effectiveness.

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