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Bill_Peters December 12th, 2006 02:18 PM

Up Anchor - Captured Vessels
<font color="blue">I captured a British ship, put down the anchor, but now it doesnt seem to want to up anchor though I click on the up anchor symbol during the move plot phase.

The ship was heavily damaged. Will this impact the ability of the struck ship to up anchor? </font>

Strider December 12th, 2006 06:41 PM

Re: Up Anchor - Captured Vessels
Do you get movement arrows for it, along with the anchor symbol?
What is the crew status? Can you assign crew to the sailing?

Andrew Lonon December 12th, 2006 11:31 PM

Re: Up Anchor - Captured Vessels

Strider is on the right track for the first few things to check out. &lt;Thanks Strider!&gt; If there is no crew allocated (or not enough) to sailing, the vessel may not be able to hoist the anchor. Or, it is possible that the anchor is up, and the closest ‘movement markers’ are on the map, but they are hard to see due to angle &amp; ship display size.

However, it is also possible that you have found ‘One For The List.’ The ‘Fix List’ that is. So – please let us know if the above helps.

Whoops – I almost answered your question without even answering your actual question. &lt;Huh?&gt; OK – The answer is a definitive YES. &lt;And that may be the actual situation and save me from adding to The List.&gt; Ship damage CAN affect a ship’s ability, and more importantly, high Disruption (over 100%) will prevent some actions from taking place. Capturing a ship automatically puts that ship into massive Disruption because you need some time to sort out the mess and get your skeleton crew in place to make the native crew do the work. Now – In this specific situation, the ranking officer who boarded the English ship gave the order to drop the anchor. That’s easy GRAVITY drops the anchor – no crew needed. Hoisting the anchor requires a coordinated effort of a group of sailors – so that may have been beyond the means of the ship.

Bill_Peters December 14th, 2006 03:20 AM

Re: Up Anchor - Captured Vessels
Yes, I get movement arrows. If I click on one of them the ship actually swings around in the other direction. If I right click on the ship to bring up the ship-info I get nothing. I can get the info for other ships just fine. Thus I dont know the status of the ship. Do I have to send over a prize crew to sail it?

Andrew Lonon December 15th, 2006 11:47 PM

Re: Up Anchor - Captured Vessels

Drat. That sounds like a bug. I would really like to get my hands on the file for the game that you are playing. If you still have the offending file – could you send it to my Email? I think taking a look at the situation and code would be the most productive thing for me to do.

Bill_Peters December 16th, 2006 04:26 PM

Re: Up Anchor - Captured Vessels
Andrew - file is on its way to you. It opens to the ship in the foreground that I cannot up anchor.

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