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RylandIII January 16th, 2010 04:15 PM

undead SNLFs and PBEM turn numbering
I am playing my first PBEM game with my son. Have noticed 2 things...

1. I, as ImpJap, seem to be accumulating SNLF units in terms of the list of Active Ships. Currently 11 listed as of May 1942, but only the real ones can be clicked on, so they seem to be phantasms or zombies. Strange.

2. My last PBEM save was #7 but when my son loaded it and returned his next one, it was #4. So I relabeled it 4A. ??

Strider January 19th, 2010 07:45 PM

Re: undead SNLFs and PBEM turn numbering
1. Just checking...you're sure they're transports and not convoys?
edit : When you move a convoy from it's port to a fleet, you don't "see" it, just the word convoy and something about where it's going to supply....

2. When you save a game as PBEM, I've always found you have to 'edit' the saved file name. The game will use the same name and add a -1 or something like like that. My two current opponents normally just send a file back to me with the name I've used and it has something like that attached on the end of it (at work, so can't check right now).

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