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rayres May 26th, 2016 03:07 PM

It has been advertised that there is no limit on the level of officers. It seems that skill levels can be maxed out. What happens after my 6 skills for officers are maxed out and I promote them? Is there any benefit?

Do officers I find on planets start with more than 1 skill? What about officers I hire in later sectors?

How do I reduce the damage done from monsters I get in melee with? Or, would I just need to have high health and medic to heal them over time?

Does a higher DR on my space suit reduce the duration of burning, etc. or damage from monsters?

How do I get enough oxygen to explore caves? I remember in one of my games I had an oxygen replenisher, but even with that it isn't enough. (I assume this is an item the away team carries, and not my ship.) My highest sector is 7 so far.



rayres May 26th, 2016 03:09 PM

Re: Questions
1 more question:

In order to get the planet to respawn monsters, must I kill ALL monsters including friendlies? If so, do I also have to wait for awhile for them to respawn?



rayres May 27th, 2016 12:42 PM

Re: Questions
More questions.

Does the "salvage" skill for the engineer ONLY increase the amount of loot when salvaging items? (In otherwords, I assume it doesn't affect loot in any other way.)

Once I have found all the monster types do they ever get tougher for the same type of creature when I reach really high sectors?



dari July 15th, 2016 11:40 AM

Re: Questions
Hi rayres/Rob - i try to answer some of your question out of my experience:

1. after your officer max out the "recommended" limits you can increase their skill levels further once the officer reaches level 10 - of course this only makes senses for skills that increases something like more damage or more hp - if its boolean in nature like eliminating space hazards this would be a waste.

2. if i remember correctly - you can hire officers in later sectors that have more than one skill - but they are also randomized - better hunt yourself for an officer with the starting skills you like for her class.

3. you rather increase your teams HP with a better suit and officer perks.

4. could not notice that DR does reduce damage from monsters cause its very variable - DR is most important to land on a more hostile planet withouth getting killed fast due to planetary conditions.

5. the most reliable way is to get a suit with a high oxygen capacity - and maybe that oxygenregenerator that increases it too. - the increased capacity of the suit also increase the oxygen gained from pickups - try shopping for a good suit beyond sector 12 or 15 then you can start cavediving.

8. monsters seem to respawn some time after a level change - this can cause some nasty surprises on your way back from a cave - your way to your shuttle could be blocked by a big nasty bunny of doom.

9. dont know if its more loot stacks to find or more per stack or both. but more loot in general is always good - especially in early game.

10. higher sector - tougher monsters in general - really depends on your current gear - a sector 2 shotgun wont help you on a sector 8 planet much.

(ibol - wheres that unlimited equipment upgrade: )

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