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zastava128 March 17th, 2018 07:22 AM

Yugoslav leader names correction.
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I've had a good look at the Yugoslav leader names (Ldr20.dat) and found there were still some strange ones. I've corrected these to the nearest South Slavic-sounding equivalents, or replaced them with common names.

To install, Download the attached file, unzip it, and then copy and paste it into winSPWW2>>Game Data>>Names

"This mod contains highly altered or additional files that may or will cause interference with the master game files and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this mod be installed and played ONLY in a separate copy of the game and NOT run from the master game"

List of changes:
Nedelist - doesn't exist; changed to Nedeljic
Tyulenev - Ukrainian or Russian; change to Tulic
Orsha - first name; changed to Orsic
Urakh - doesn't exist; changed to Uran
Gow - Scottish (!); changed to Goric
Briza - probably typo; changed to Brica
Nedelist - doesn't exist; changed to Nedelic
Berisla - doesn't exist; changed to Berislavic
Pannwitz - name of (Ukrainian) SS Cossack commander in Yugoslavia; changed to Pancic
Racitz - sounds like a phonetic transcription; changed to Racic
Lubno - Polish, not found in Balkans; changed to Lubenik
Uzhitze - place name, phonetic transcription; change to Uzicanin
Grazni - doesn't exist; changed to Granic
Draza - nickname; changed to Drazic
Rupik - probably a typo; changed to Rupnik
Gisevius - rare German surname; changed to Gicevic
Tirana - place name; changed to Tiric
Alia - first name; changed to Alic
Gagnon - French; changed to Ganza
Mekhlis - rare Ukrainian surname; changed to Milanovic
Krupani - doesn't exist; changed to Krupa
Beliaev - rare Russian surname; changed to Bjelajac
Chlum - doesn't exist; changed to Kumic
Uzice - same comment as Uzhitze; changed to Jovic
Ante - usually first name; changed to Antic
Karadjevo - place name; changed to Novak
Cistowes - Polish(?); changed to Turkovic
Galay - uncommon Russian surname; changed to Galic
Pochep - Ukrainian surname; changed to Maric
Goure - Russian surname; changed to Juric
Perna - probably typo; changed to Pernar
Prim - doesn't exist; changed to Primic

Pibwl March 17th, 2018 03:53 PM

Re: Yugoslav leader names correction.

Originally Posted by zastava128 (Post 841460)
Lubno - Polish, not found in Balkans; changed to Lubenik
Cistowes - Polish(?); changed to Turkovic

Rather not Polish ;) Anyway, good work :)

zastava128 July 22nd, 2020 05:02 PM

Re: Yugoslav leader names correction.
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I'm uploading a slightly revised Ldr20.dat (mostly standardizing transcription plus changing a few leftover foreign names).

More importantly, I'm also adding a completely redone Ldr43.dat. This is intended for the default Red "generic Balkan partisan" OOB and contains a mix of various South Slavic, Greek and Albanian names, plus a handful from the region's minorities.

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