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blazejos July 16th, 2021 04:10 AM

Re: APC Development and related topics.
Belorussia arms industry is a little forgotten inside game because the haven't their own OOB but they have capable industry and creating their own equipment different from Russian sources for their own domestic usage and export markets.

Here new Belarusian IFV Volat V2 APC (MZKT-690003) intended sucessor of BMP1/2 based on BTR-80

and here source and more photos

FASTBOAT TOUGH July 25th, 2021 03:32 AM

Re: APC Development and related topics.
Aright this is about USA UNIT 339 AMPV I recommend a revised START date of JUN 2023 vice current JAN 2022..

1. Production line tooling issues.

2. Other technical testing and equipment issues.

3. Budget cut recommendations (Enacted.) from the Army and Congress to support funding for other modernization programs.

4. Production delays due to COVID-19. Since we're now "officially" in the 4th wave, possible further delay possible. However, I'm NOT basing my recommendation on "possible", it's based on trends and factual data at this time.

OVERVIEW: Project started in 2014. The Army was expected to have ~258 Units by 2020.. As of this month the Army has around 35 Units in testing NOW!

Current Testing from 23 July 2021...

First article w/ Overview and first of delays discussed from 04 November 2020....

Current article discusses contract approved to modify spare parts, if your modifying that means what you have doesn't work!!

I quote from the next dated 16 May 2021.
"The work, which is is expected to be complete in Jan. 2023, will be performed in York, Pennsylvania, where BAE Systems builds the armored vehicles and its modernized howitzers."

"The first fielding for AMPV is projected in the second quarter of FY23 (That means No Sooner THEN JAN - APR 2023, roughly a year after the start of the IOT&E, according to the Army’s Program Executive Office for Ground Combat Systems (PEO GCS)."

I believe JUNE 2023 to be a much "safer" START date.

I read "my papers" and this is how the POOP begins!?! :rolleyes:



FASTBOAT TOUGH July 31st, 2021 01:22 AM

Re: APC Development and related topics.

Things aren't looking very "rosy" at this point and again, another article saying possibly the whole program is in jeopardy. From my ref...
“I describe Ajax as a troubled programme. I wish it wasn't, but it is,” Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin said. “It requires a lot of work from ourselves and our industry partners to get ourselves back on track. We can't be 100% certain that can be achieved.”

AJAX will not reach IOC until this issue is resolved.

USA: OMFV (Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle). The USA has chosen the 5 teams that will move onto the Design Phase for the OMFV. This part of the development will
will last 15 months to completion before the next phase starts somewhere around the beginning of 2023.


FASTBOAT TOUGH August 22nd, 2021 09:08 PM

Re: APC Development and related topics.
I was actually looking into something that was in no way related to the following. All the Threads I started have matching folders on my PC. However for some reason it didn't make it into the folder, were I to guess, I probably came across this just before having to get ready for work.

UK: AJAX UPDATE: You'll all love this, apparently MOD knew about the vibration issue on AJAX since 2017!!!

Well obviously they run a secure operation, that is until they go before the Parliament anyway!?! :rolleyes:
(This as "clicked" on where above underlined "2017".)

The above article also notes the vibration caused stabilization issues for the FCS & 40mm, well no poop!! The point is this is an added issue to what I've already posted about the gun design and loading equipment modifications that the UK decided to make.

Again this is why the French will field the JAGUAR with the same weapons system without modification well before UK gets to IOC or FOC, if ever as posted in my last.


FASTBOAT TOUGH October 6th, 2021 01:56 AM

Re: APC Development and related topics.
Well it just works out that will be a continuation of my last Post.

National Audit Office (NAO) which is a "Watchdog" organization for the government will be investigating, in effect, what's happened with the following programs; Ajax, Boxer, Challenger, and Warrior (CSV).

I quote from Ref.1, "this will enable us to draw out the systemic issues in the [Ministry of Defense's] management of these programmes."

The report is due for release on March 2022. That being said, it might be late Summer or Fall based on history concerning the SDR and other related programs.

This will no doubt further delay these programs.

I can't believe I've been tracking this for so long now, Contract signed 10yrs ago and the Army should've had these 4yrs ago.

Well ARJUN took 30 yrs, maybe the above isn't so bad afterall!?! :rolleyes:

This seems the appropriate thread concerning my close friend and co-worker Jake "ABRAMS and BRADLEY Driver Extraordinaire" who some of you might remember was of help to me in submitting updates to those platforms (Especially BRADLEY as he tested the driver and thermal optics systems for the M3 version.) a few years back.

He was a combat vet who served in Iraq with 14yrs of service in the Army.

I'm sad to say he passed from COVID-19 after 3wks in ICU on 2 Sept (Another close friend and co-worker lost his wife after 8wks in ICU the previous Sunday, also to COVID-19. It was a rough week for the "Team".). The Memorial Service was on Labor Day with him being interned at the Dallas Tx National Military Cemetery with Full Military Honors later that week.

I will miss him.


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