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PvK July 15th, 2015 01:22 AM

Version 1.20 Tales of Hard Permadeath
First game in version 1.20, first death, not stupid.

Hard Permadeath as a miner with no pay-it-forward, nearly died in sector 3 to a pugilist due to having 10 shield strength. Careful maneuvering saved me. I bought a strength 80 shield, but then in sector 4 a pair of relatively dangerous pirates hunted me. I fought off one and damaged the other, but my shields gave out and we were blasted.

I'm enjoying the challenge of Hard in 1.20 so far!

dari July 16th, 2015 01:57 PM

Re: Version 1.20 Tales of Hard Permadeath
i also started Hard PD - with no extra funds (although my pay it forward account is full with almost 28M$)

first near-death-experience with that new star temple security while auto-returning to shuttle .. then
got ambushed on my way home(that is to Sector(S) 5 gruff embassy) in S9 by several pirates.. that blasted through my observer shield and armor damaging the hull (repair cost total >50K $ while i had enough $ to refill my ships supply...
managed to get to gruff embassy all i got was a lousy t-shirt err space suit and enough $ as reward to buy that shiny new plastic armor as replacement - and not enough left to even consider repairing the remaining hull damage

on my way to looting the pirate derelicts of my former attackers - time to recoup the costs :D

dari July 26th, 2015 03:48 AM

Re: Version 1.20 Tales of Hard Permadeath
(v1.20 Hard / PD)
thermal dissipators / acid walkers can be a livesafer too:

down in a merc base (injured/underequipped/outgunned) my way out of that level was cut of by 2 mercs blocking from 2 sides and was about to die if i would push through them right now - but while running back from them i saw a hole in the wall with small lava pool blocking the entrance to a small (and at the moment more important) empty cave - and me was lucky enough to have enough oxygen to wait around 50 turns to patch up the wounds (iam thinking making a makro for resting instead killing my keyboard - or is there some hidden R50 command like in the ol'roguelikes?)

dari July 26th, 2015 10:34 AM

Version 1.20 Tales of Hard Permadeath - Jackpot
1 Attachment(s)
...i wonder if thats the standard cargo of the firax...
did not shoot them myself

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