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Aeraaa May 17th, 2018 05:17 AM

Quang Tri
Scenario 358-Quang Tri

This scenario depicts the battle of Quang Tri in 1972. South Vietnamese army elements of a marine and an airborne division are attacking the NVA units in the city of Quang Tri. The map of the battle field (which is 100*110 hexes big) is:


1-The Quang Tri Citadel, an old fortress, captured by the NVA who are garrisoned in it. This is a potential strongpoint and heavy enemy resistance is expected.
2-A captured firebase, with trenches and a runway. It is also a potential strongpoint and it will be bombarded
3- The entrance to Quang Tri, with a trench observed
4- The bridge connecting the two parts of the city, a major objective.
5-3rd company, 4th battalion, 147th Marines.
6-1st company 4th battalion, 147th Marines. The 4th battalion is at 60% strength in total.
7-1st company, 1st battalion, 147th Marines.
8-2nd company, 1st battalion, 147th Marines.
9-An ACAV platoon.
10-The HQ, with security elements, FOs and a 75mm howitzer battery.
11-2nd and 3rd companies of the 5th battalion, 2nd Task Force (airborne). The 5th battalion is at 60% strength.
12-1st company, 11th battalion, 2nd Task Force (airborne)

The plan for now is pretty simple, advance with all elements until contact is established, then use infantry and artillery to advance inside the city slowly but surely. Any major weapon elements are to be dealt first, either by direct, indirect fire, or air strikes.

Aeraaa May 17th, 2018 05:20 AM

Re: Quang Tri
Turns 1-10


ARVN forces move forward. They come under occasional MG fire and AK fire from scouts. At turn 3, shock and awe happens. 24 B-52s unload their payload around Quang Tri. Their main targets are the Citadel, the bridges, the entrance to the city and the Pagoda. Whole city blocks are leveled, while VC have serious casualties in men and material. B-52 strikes are visible on the map with the orange stars.

3/4/147 marine company (1) advances south. It encounters light resistance and minefields and it receives 60mm mortar fire, but manages to reach 200 meters from the Citadel. The advance is temporarily halted, since the lead elements receive fire from a bunker at (2) and there is also a PT-76 guarding the road. Air support is called to deal with the threat.

1/4/147 marine company (3) also advances south as shown. They encounter slightly stronger resistance since in addition to scouts, a couple of NVA squads open fire at them. 82mm mortars also land on the troops of the company, causing casualties. Nevertheless, thanks to the battalion’s 81mm mortars and close quarters combat the Marines manage to eliminate their opponents. 11 casualties suffered so far.

To the east, the 1/147 battalion (4) advances through the rice paddies and the lead elements are 500 meters away from the firebase, which is shelled by 155mm artillery. No signs of enemy activity yet. 5 casualties suffered so far.

The ACAV platoon at (5) also advances slowly, hoping to reveal NVA forces. The dismounts are fired upon by heavy MGs from the northwest, but no enemy is revealed yet.

2/5/2TF para company (6) advances inside Quang Tri. They encounter VC resistance that causes casualties (shown in map as red lines). 60mm mortars and two UH-1 gunships help the paras in their fight. 3/5/2TF para company encounters lighter resistance, but they also make slow gains. 9 and 4 casualties suffered so far for 2/5/2TF and 3/5/2TF respectively.

Finally, 1/11/2TF para company (8) advances from the south, where it encounters an NVA platoon shown on the map. The paras are temporarily halted, but thanks to 105mm artillery they manage to make their enemy fall back. Many houses around the area are booby trapped. The company suffered 1 casualty so far.

So far my casualties are light (30 casualties in total). North Vietnamese casualties are definitely higher, thanks in large part to the air strikes. However, things will surely change in the narrow streets that the fight will take place from now on…

Aeraaa May 17th, 2018 07:40 AM

Re: Quang Tri
Turns 11-20


3/4/147 marine company (1) advances slowly. It engages in a short firefight with NVA units in the trenches of the citadel and eliminates the threat together with 105mm artillery and 81mm mortar support. The attached engineers begin to clear the barbed wire to help the company assault the citadel. 11 casualties so far.

1/4/147 marine company (2) moves westward after clearing any resistance encountered. One platoon manages to breach the NVA defenses to the NE of the citadel and engage their foes in fierce close combat. Attached engineers were responsible for clearing the obstacles and they also manage to knock out the bunker to the NE that was obstructing the advance. 21 casualties so far.

1/147 battalion (3) continues their advance towards the firebase. Lead elements come under fire by small arms and 12,7mm heavy MGs. Casualties start to mount, but the marines manage to close the distance thanks to fire and movement techniques and 81mm mortar fire. A couple of UH-1 gunships also help. They manage to reach the eastern trenches and capture the hangar building to the NE. To the southernmost tip of the battalion, more NVA units appear and open fire, forcing the platoon to the south to slightly fall back. The battalion suffers 15 casualties so far.

The ACAV platoon at (4) moves to the edges of the city, where dismounts come under fire from small arms and a hidden DShK. They suffer 7 casualties and their probing advance stops.

2/5/2TF (5) continues their slow progress. VC units appear everywhere, in addition to booby traps, making every step slow and bloody. The company suffers 13 casualties.

The advance of 3/5/2TF (6) is also slow, with heavy casualties (19 casualties).

1/11/2TF (7) makes good progress, reaching their objective (a large building next to Thach-Han River) relatively unscathed. However, they stumble into determined resistance inside the building itself and they have to grind their way through. 10 casualties suffered so far.

Reinforcements arrive. One battalion sized heliborne force (2/2TF) marked as (8) arrives and makes a flanking maneuver to the south. The goal is the objective line at the western part of the river. Although resistance after the force lands is non-existent, ARVN forces suffer 19 casualties and two helicopters lost after receiving heavy AA fire from the bridge at (10). NVA also has a large AA force around a monument at (11). The force is protected by Cobra attack helicopters and gunships which engage the AA. Although they manage to knock out several guns, two UH-1 gunships are also shot down.

Thus, with the main objectives of the citadel and the firebase contested, ARVN seems to be on a good footing. Total casualties are more than 115 (there are also several planes shot down) though, and the need to be careful.

Aeraaa May 17th, 2018 07:42 AM

Re: Quang Tri
Turns 21-30


4/147 battalion assaults the citadel (1). One company moves towards the west, the other towards the south. The fight is inside trenches, slow and bloody, but the ARVN troops make progress. The goal is to encircle the citadel by capturing the entire trenchline, then assault the citadel proper. Battalion casualties are 40 men.

1/147 battalion (2) completes the capture of the firebase and moves south-southwest. The goal is to capture the compound to the south and the Pagoda. Battalion casualties are 47 men, many of them due to a friendly fire incident when an A-1 ground attack plane napalmed several of my troops.

ACAV platoon (3) cannot advance any more, due to mines and enemy resistance. Casualties are 7 men and 1 M113 ACAV APC that stepped on a mine (all crew survived though).

5/2TF para battalion (4) splits into two parts. One will aid the ACAV platoon in capturing the outskirts of Quang Tri, while the other will capture the southern part. Advance is slow and it is only with heavy artillery strikes that the paras make any progress. The battalion suffers 55 casualties.

1/11/2TF para company (5) secures their objective. One platoon stays back to defend it, the rest of the company moves forward. They come under fire from 37mm AA. Thanks to M60 MGs, attack helos and artillery, they manage to neutralize the majority of their opponents (snipers, heavy MGs and infantry is also included in the mix). The company suffered 16 casualties so far.

7/2TF battalion dismounted troops (6) move towards the bridges. They encounter heavy AAs (37mm), infantry and dug in positions, but a combination of mortars, flamethrowers, attack helicopters and determined infantry attacks overcome most resistance. ARVN paras are only about 150 meters from their objective. One company lands further north with their goal being the capturing of the northern part of the city. Battalion has suffered 34 casualties so far.

The AA guns at (7) are finally eliminated after a lot of air strikes. My air units can move much more freely now.

Aeraaa May 17th, 2018 07:45 AM

Re: Quang Tri
Turns 31-40


These turns are characterized by significant counterattacks by NVA units. They are shown on the map and they are in detail:
1-A two company sized counterattack, hitting the advancing elements of 1/147 marine battalion. The counterattack is defeated by massive amounts of artillery fire from 105mm and 155mm artillery. A T54 tank also aids in the counterattack, but it is knocked out by a side hit from a M72 LAW from the citadel, used by the marines of the 4/147 battalion.
2-Several platoon sized counterattacks hit the troops of 5/2TF paratrooper battalion. The close range of the combat means artillery and air force cannot be used efficiently (in fact one air strike that I used did more harm to my men than the enemy). The counterattacks by both NVA and VC units were eventually beaten by close quarters fighting (with many melee actions to boot) and suppressive fire from my sole surviving M113 ACAV (which used all of its Claymore mines, showing that it also fought up close and personal). This battle is the bloodiest from all formations of the ARVN, since only two combat effective platoons remain in the area (out of 4), but they do manage to repulse the attacks.
3-The last remaining platoon of the 5/2TF is attacked as well by a platoon sized element of the VC. They beat their opponents with the use of 60mm mortars and UH-1 gunships.
4-One platoon of the 1/1/2TF is attacked by a platoon sized element of the NVA. Aided by a Cobra flight, the ARVN paras prevail.
5-One counterattack by two platoons of NVA troops intending to recapture the western part of the bridges. They are beaten by 60mm mortar fire and small arms fire.
6-One counterattack by an NVA platoon. They manage to destroy one support squad, but accurate MG fire halts their advance.

In addition to the counterattacks, one platoon of the 7/2TF lands by helicopters at the northernmost edge and captures the objective there, while two platoons of the 4/147 assault the inner compound of the citadel. They are successful after brutal close range fighting, and they also eliminate the enemy HQ. NVA is severely demoralized after losing their command and the counterattacks are a failure.

Aeraaa May 17th, 2018 07:48 AM

Re: Quang Tri
Turns 41-46 (end)

The final turns are just mopping operations, eliminating the last demoralized NVA units inside the city. Final dispositions are:


The yellow line shows the areas still controlled by the NVA at the end of the scenario.

And the final results:


The casualties per formation are:

ACAV platoon. Total casualties: 21 soldiers. The unit is at 36% strength, is combat ineffective and is not visible on the map.
4/147 battalion is (1). Total casualties: 53 marines. Approximately at 57% strength*.
1/147 battalion (2). Total casualties: 56 marines. Approximately at 89% strength.
5/2TF battalion is (3). Total casualties: 97 soldiers. Approximately at 36% strength*.
7/2TF battalion is (4). Total casualties: 69 soldiers. Approximately at 78% strength.
1/11/2TF company (5). Total casualties: 17 soldiers. Approximately at 84% strength.
Other formations: 26 men in total, mostly pilots.

*started at 66,667% strength.

Equipment losses are 6 37mm AA guns, one T-34-85, one PT-76 and one T-54B for NVA. For ARVN, 2 M113s ACAV, one Cobra attack helicopter, 4 UH-1 helicopters, one OV-1D Mohawk observation plane, 2 A-37 Dragonfly ground attack planes, one F-4 Phantom fighter-bomber and one AC-130 gunship.

Looking back at the battle, I can say that my superior firepower gave me victory. Whenever my advancing infantry encountered any serious resistance, they would fall back and a hail of artillery fire would fall on my enemy. The position then could be easily taken by an infantry assault. When the enemy counterattacked, by MGs and infantry would fix the enemy and my artillery would destroy him.

Air force was also quite effective (with the only exception of the AC-130, which was shot down without firing a single salvo). The B-52s created enough carnage in the beginning and the tactical air strikes knocked out a significant number of weapon systems, including two tanks. My attack helicopters would also support my infantry several times, although they did need to make a trip to the HQ (that had the ammo depot) 3-4 times. The intensity of the operations was the reason for the high air losses, but it meant that the infantry had an easier task ahead.

My UH-1s carrying one para battalion performed the only maneuver for my force. These units managed to encircle the NVA force and capture the vital objective that was the two bridges connecting the two parts of the city.

NVA infantry was a formidable opponent and a dare say that had I not the monstrous fire support available, the battle would be much different (either different outcome, or much more casualties). They could fight up close and they were hard to break morale, at least until they had significant total casualties and their HQ was destroyed.

The battle is an ARVN minor victory, although remaining NVA units will be hard pressed to offer any meaningful resistance.

SaS TrooP July 18th, 2018 03:19 PM

Re: Quang Tri
Just noticed that AAR <3

Purrfect. And you made it historical as designed. Historically, indeed majority of Marines Division tied NVA Division to the north of the Quang Tri so most of Paratrooper Division and one regiment of Marines could advance down. The city was itself levelled by B-52s literally in that number, and reserve battalion of paratroopers indeed pulled airborne close flanking maneuver, setting up HAA and LZ on the northern bank.
The battle was lenghy one, but NVA casualties were much higher than those of ARVN.

Well done!

Wdll July 24th, 2018 04:40 AM

Re: Quang Tri
Did you have only one go with the bombers?

Aeraaa July 24th, 2018 05:35 AM

Re: Quang Tri

Originally Posted by Wdll (Post 842828)
Did you have only one go with the bombers?

You mean if all bombers were used in one turn? I believe yes, they all dropped their payload at turn 3. I don't remember exactly, maybe a couple of bombers also appeared at turn 4, but the fact is that the bombardment happens at/around turn 3 and it is predetermined.

Wdll July 24th, 2018 06:56 AM

Re: Quang Tri

Originally Posted by Aeraaa (Post 842829)

Originally Posted by Wdll (Post 842828)
Did you have only one go with the bombers?

You mean if all bombers were used in one turn? I believe yes, they all dropped their payload at turn 3. I don't remember exactly, maybe a couple of bombers also appeared at turn 4, but the fact is that the bombardment happens at/around turn 3 and it is predetermined.

Ah, ok, yes it's a scenario.
If it was up to me, I would throw one nuke at them with a cowboy riding it.
Then move in.

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