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ExplorerBob February 9th, 2011 08:52 PM

Favorite/Most Played Mods
The modding forum gets 98% of the attention these days, but I figured I'd use this to ask the general community what mods you play most, which ones you have played, and why you played them so much.

I've probably played most every mod on these forums at some point or another, but here are a few that stand out to me.

1. Odd Adventures in Infinite Space (all versions, but more so with 002)
When I first started working on OA, I didn't necessarily play it the most, but as it grew and took on more of my own preferences -- and I got more of myself into it -- it gradually took over, until it's now virtually the only mod I play.
2. Drives 'R Us (all versions)
sgqwonkian's done a huge amount for the WW community, both for the generic public and other mod developers, and Drives 'R Us highlights all of his accomplishments. I played Drives 'R Us practically exclusively, after version 2, I believe, with the exception of my own mod. I play OA mostly now, but Drives R' Us is still in my folder in case I need it. I think the items and things add a lot of flavor to the game, and I appreciate sgqwonk's efforts to balance things out, a detail almost every other mod completely ignores.
3. Even Weirder Worlds
I don't even have it installed anymore, but back in the day, EWW was the most incredible mod going. Phlagm quit, though, and Drives 'R Us got really good, and it faded away into history. I alternated between playing it and early Drives 'R Us. It had the coolest items, the best new races, and all of that, but I suspect that if I was to play it again, it would look awfully dated and unbalanced, stacked up against either Drives or my own OA.
4. The Babylon 5 mod
I haven't played this one as much, and I don't think it has very great gameplay, but nevertheless, it took a lot of work to get it where it was, and it's one of the most polished mods out there.
5. Weird Worlds: Added Content
This one looks *really* old by now, but at the time, I believe it was the best mod for new races and equipment there was.

ExplorerBob March 24th, 2011 08:09 PM

Re: Favorite/Most Played Mods
C'mon, *nobody* has any mods that they like? ;)

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