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davehueglin July 27th, 2011 05:10 PM

Problem matching DEM Map to Paper Map
As the title says, I have a DEM and xdm map and a corresponding paper map. I have followed the tutorial as closely as I can and am obviously inputting some of the map data incorrectly, as there is no map generated (and no green rectangle in the preview screen).

I have been able to generate a game map by going with the default data entry and continuing through the map creation process. It generates a map of the bottom left portion of the original xdm map.

So I am assuming that some of the data I am transferring from the paper map is being input incorrectly by me.

Are there any other resources available to assist in getting he data from the map.

Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome.


davehueglin July 28th, 2011 10:55 PM

Re: Problem matching DEM Map to Paper Map
Still working on this. The problem seems to be the longitude. The longitude of the bottom left corner of the map I am using (031C_0100_DEME) is 77 degrees West which according to the instructions should equate to 77x3600 or -277200, but the figure you get from the Map Production Information dialogue box is 77200.

I can't figure out how the program is generating the 77200. Simply going (degrees x 3600 - 200,000) does not give an accurate conversion for, say 76 degrees.

I did find a neat on line program that will automatically convert long and lat into UTM.

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