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Clavius June 10th, 2016 07:33 PM

ATF - No 24-bit color options in Windows 10?
Hi folks,

The installation notes for ATF and a warning pop-up at startup say you should run in 24-bit color or less. I recently got a new Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows 10, and neither Windows 10 itself nor the Intel graphics driver seem to support 24-bit color. If I try to run at lower colors through the program's "Compatibility" properties, the map doesn't fill the window, and the ATF splash screen keeps reappearing.

This is a great game, and so far, except for not being able to use the combined "Color / Contour" mode, the absence of lower colors doesn't seem to have caused any other problems (except for a possible memory leak that caused ATF to say I was low on memory when 9 gig were left, but that's only happened once when I used time compression).

Another user seems to have asked this question about seven years ago with respect to Windows 7 and never got an answer, so I'm not sure this is ever going to get fixed.


ACE June 16th, 2016 02:45 AM

Re: ATF - No 24-bit color options in Windows 10?
TSTC works well on win 10. Try to install ATF nad then TSTC.

"As a reminder, for all of those who install all of the games on top of one another (to permit playing of older scenarios in the newer engine), you will need to reinstall the release versions of the games as well. Use this install order (omitting any titles you don't have--shame on you--and their respective patches).

ATF -> ATF Upgrade -> RT -> RT Upgrade -> TFW -> TFW Upgrade -> TSATC -> TSATC Upgrade"

ACE June 20th, 2016 05:20 PM

Re: ATF - No 24-bit color options in Windows 10?
I have done the procedure mentioned above and I don't have any problems with ATF scenarios on WIN 10.

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