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Campeador December 10th, 2007 07:50 AM

Multiverse Mod
December 09, 2007

What is Space Empires: Star Fury?

--- Star Fury is a hybrid game; it is like an RPG / shooter in space. You start basically with a small space ship, as you do missions (trade, bounty hunt, etc.) you get credits to buy better ships, and as you do this a story also develops. You get experience, and the items on your ship also improve as the game progress (that is the RPG part). The combat part is excellent and in total 3d, and you only need to use the mouse to maneuver the ship, really easy.

What is Multiverse Mod?

--- Multiverse is a Mod created for the Space Empires: Star Fury game. The Multiverse Mods will be composing of at least six parts or campaigns.

What is Multiverse?

--- Multiverse is, as the name implies, a conglomeration of various universes, and in this first mod it is about the Star Blazers Universe and some of the races that composed the Star fury original game. In the second Multiverse Mod the player will discover new universes.

What is “Multiverse_1-Enemy_From_Beyond” about?

--- That is for you to find out but I can safely say that it is Star Blazers meets Star fury!

Is there any background to this mod?

--- Even thought the mod is independent from the previous “Star Blazers mod: The Quest for Iscandar (campaign 1 & 2)”, it would be helpful if the player try that mod first since the game play is very similar and that story serves as background for the Multiverse Mod.
Star Blazers: The Quest or Iscandar” Mod follows the original TV show series created by the master story teller and mechanical designer Leiji Matsumoto. Multiverse on the other hand was just put together by me with a little story to serves as glue for all the universes that the player will discover. My ability as a story teller is poor (this is my first try), but at least the action should keep the player entertain.

What is Star Blazers?

--- If you have never heard of Star Blazers it was a cartoon TV show, (japanimation) and the story is straightforward but with all the elements of a (space) soap opera. It came about 2 years before Star Wars. The story goes like this:

“In the year 2199, Earth was under severe attack from a mysterious planet Gamilon. Gamilon planet bombs covered the Earth with radioactive pollution, and as a result, in one-year time, Earth will be unlivable… But on the planet Iscandar there is a machine that can remove the radioactivity. A team of star blazers called the “Star Force” undertakes the perilous journey, but can the Star Force travels 148,000 light years and back in just one Earth year?”

What will be next?

- Multiverse_2-The_Fourth_Dimension (99% completed)
- Multiverse_3-(cannot reveal the title at this point) 95% completed
- Multiverse_4-(cannot reveal the title at this point) 95% completed
- Multiverse_5-(cannot reveal the title at this point) 75% completed

Multiverse_1-Enemy_From_Beyond – Mod is composed of two major files:

1. Multiverse_1-Enemy_From_Beyond
a. Data folder
b. Images folder
c. Xfiles folder
(It also contains many '.txt' files)

2. Multiverse_Music-1
a. Music
b. Sounds


1. Open the Star Fury original game folder where you installed the original game on your hard drive. There you will find a folder called "Campaigns". With the mouse drag (copy) the “Multiverse_1-Enemy_From_Beyond” and placed inside this "Campaigns" folder.

2. For the folder named “Multiverse_Music-1" you are going to find:
a. Music
b. Sounds
You are going to take the content of the Music folders (8 songs) and insert them inside the music folder of the original game, and the contents of the Sounds folder inside the Sounds folder of the original game.

NOTE: Multiverse-1 will only need the Multiverse_Music-1, wile Multiverse 2 and 3 will also require “Multiverse_Music-2”, all in due time.

General game play advice:
Read the manual, especially the part about the keyboard shortcuts, like if the game looks too dark you can use "L" to make it bright and "K" to darken it. "+" and "-" for game speed, etc. Have the game patch to 1.17.
REMEMBER: save the game often!!!

rstaats10 December 10th, 2007 01:09 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
I have got this mod downloaded and and looking forward to playing it. Your last starblazers mod(s) were absolutely awesome. I will post later if I have a question or let you know what I think about multiverse. Thanks for making the mod.

Q December 10th, 2007 02:29 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Nice to hear again from you Campeador and thank you for this new campaign.
One small problem I encountered so far: the Pluto starbase is invisible. The Minerva starbase however is shown as expected.

Campeador December 11th, 2007 02:43 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
The invisible base or ship also happens on the original Star Fury game from time to time. The fix is to save the game and reload until the invisible ship or base is visible.

Note: In addition to the music that I have provided, the game also uses some of the music of the original SF game. I have noticed two variants of the same music score that merit some attention. For example in some instances the music appears like this:

Starfury-Track 01.mp3
Space Empires-Starfury-Track 01.mp3

Multiverse uses the shorter version. If for any reason you have the long version you will not be able to hear some of the music. The fix is simply to copy the original 21 tracks and edit the name by removing the “Space Empires-” part, and put back on the original music folder.

Q December 11th, 2007 06:31 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Yes I think the invisible ship problem is an old bug in Starfury itself and not in your campaign.

The second mission (scanning the enemy base in the Vallon systems) seems quite difficult if not impossible due to the large numbers of enemies there including fighter that you cannot outrun! Did you succeed this missions without cheats?

Campeador December 12th, 2007 12:47 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
All the missions in the game are beatable without cheats. All I am telling is that the armor and engines of the enemy is better than yours, but there is plenty floating around to salvage from the first mission. Remember Captain Hardass Lesson one.

rstaats10 December 12th, 2007 03:20 AM

Re: Multiverse Mod
I completed the second mission! Hooray! It was hard to do and I didn't use any cheats. It was harder coming back from the main mission. ha. I was killed about 10 times before I finally could figure out a way through. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/frown.gif I must say this is challenging but I do like it. The story is really cool too.
One problem I encountered during the 3rd mission was a screen lockup twice. One time was when I was attacking the enemy "big ship" not to give away the name to others playing. The other I am not sure which ship was involved. It's really hard to tell what ship when there are so many that could be involved. Would have to check all the ships from mission 3 to be sure. This error detail was a hungapp error and I am about 99.9% sure I can fix this. The cause of this error is component placement on a ship at the far edges at the top bottom or sides. Easy fix is to move the component in slightly on the x or y coordinates away from the far edge. Overlapping of slots is ok. Trust me I figured this out after hours of frustation during the making of my mod (btw which is over 50% done right now). The large ships are most likely to have this problem with the componets at the edges. To fix just create a folder and place the ship's Main_ComponentConfigurationEnemy into this folder then import the ships Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsEnemy into SJ's Slot modder with the ships image loaded into the slot modder and move the culprit slots inward away from the edge. Then export to the folder then C&P the "Slots" to the ingame file remembering to remove the old "Slots" entry. Or you can just manually do this in the file. I will look into this tonight or tomorrow and fix the ships involved. Also just to let you know this error will not always present only when the culprit slots are damaged or possibly destroyed.
Overall though so far, I really like this mod and it is really cool. Great job. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/happy.gif

Campeador December 12th, 2007 07:23 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Good advice, rstaats10. If you are going to look into it then let me know the results. I understand what you are saying, but do not understand the why the components at the edges crash the game. If you manage to fix it I will be grateful. On my part I will check them also.
Yes I did rework all the ships and decreased their size for this mod, but also increased the amount of ships on the screen trying to have some massive battles;). I think that in some scenarios I may have overdone it.

Campeador December 12th, 2007 09:34 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
1 Attachment(s)
Ok on mission 3 most of the ships are from the original Star Fury game which I did not change. So, the only ones to fix were mine. I loaded them into “Slot modder” and found six that the slots touched either the top or bottom of the edges. I was not aware that this could be an issue until now, but as rstaats10 pointed out, easy to fix.

Later tonight I will edit the main Mod and will post it as Multiverse 1.01.
But for those that already have the Mod I am posting the edited correction. It is only one text file: Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsEnemy.txt
Download and place it on the Multiverse-1 campaign.

Hope this works!

rstaats10 December 12th, 2007 10:49 PM

Re: Multiverse Mod
Ok I fixed the ship. It was the Battleship Musashi (allied ship actually). I went into Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsEnemy and changed the Spaceship Yamato Layout slot 1 WMC18 from ypos 0 to ypos 7 and changed the slots 1,2 and 3 for the 3 bottom engines from ypos 658 to 655. The ship does not cause a freeze in the game now when destroyed. I know for a fact that when ypos =0 or xpos=0 is used the game freeze will occur. As far as the xpos or ypos on the far right or bottom of the screen respectively causing this error I dont know. I just make sure nothing touches the edges and everything is good. I haven't looked at the Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsPlayer to change the coordinates but I should probably fix that too incase this is a player ship later. (no hints please)

Thanks for fixing the 6 ships. I will download the attactment now. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/happy.gif

PS The Main_ComponentConfigurationSlotsPlayer will need to be changed too if any of these are player ships. I haven't looked to see. I want to keep it a suprise.

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