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Pfhoenix December 20th, 2005 08:20 PM

Tan Ru Diplomacy
Is there any way at all to not have to fight the Tan Ru (other than simply avoiding them and their unique flotilla formations)?

Zogu December 20th, 2005 08:57 PM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
The Tan Ru are best met with a warm PVC...

When you're fighting the Tan Ru, here are a few hints from my own experience.

- When meeting a Tan Ru flotilla, you can always get into the fight screen, analyse the situation, and then you can opt out; they don't attack very fast. Just hover your mouse over the big ships. If they're Demolishers, you're OK. If they're Decimators, retreat fast!!! The Decimators carry Particle Vortex Cannons. They're damn deadly.

- Tan Ru drones are fragile, but in large number they can be deadly because of the cumulatef firepower and mobility.

- When fighting the large flotilla (with a LOT of small fighters), the key is BEAM weapons. Lots of them. Better if you have 2-3 ships in your own flotilla. Let your beams clean up the mosquitos, then advance toward the big ships and finish them. Don't get too close though, they're equipped with Micrometeorite Guns.

Puke December 20th, 2005 11:40 PM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
you can always displace their fleets with the mirror. unfortuneatly, the Sentient Multimeter item didnt make it into the game, so you cant make peace with them unless you mod something in.

I think someone was talking about modding the Danger Fish as a placating item.

Zogu December 21st, 2005 12:25 AM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
I think someone was talking about modding the Danger Fish as a placating item.

I think it wouldn't make much sense. The Tan Ru want to destroy all biological life; the Danger Fish is a cyborg, thus half biological. Not to mention the fact that there is already a fish used in diplomacy -- with the Tchorak.

Why not leaving the Ten Ru "impossible to tame"? Not all species wish to establish diplomatic ties or even to listen to us terrans...

nihilix December 21st, 2005 12:44 AM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
I favor leaving them as is - unless you're doing an all Tan Ru mod, which could be cool.

Fighting them - it helps IMMENSELY to have a fast fighter be the front of your flotilla. (f-god's sake!) Put it out front a bunch - then pull it back for the drone extermination - but when you bring it front, the main ships will still be targeting it!

This fixed targeting is one of the main flaws of WW aliens.

Run the fighter around the big ships, staying out of weapon range. Try to get the 'non PVC' side pointing towards your ships. Then you have more time to nail them.

Gotta have good range to take out the Reds, tho - or a secret toy surprise in the shape of a Garthan...

Brainiac4 December 21st, 2005 12:45 AM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
There is the gong-and-retreat option, which is cheesetastic, assuming you have the Gong and a fast travel device (Hyperdrive or Zorg Helmsman).

I do like the Tan Ru being the one race that is never friendly.

If you do need to fight them, may I recommend a cloaked Bloodfang with a good shield? It works great. Never drop the cloak, just ram while cloaked.

Phoenix-D December 21st, 2005 02:32 AM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
I don't even -try- to fight the reds without a cloak or LeapGong. It hurts too much even if I win.

Pfhoenix December 21st, 2005 05:33 AM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
No no, I know how to combat them. I was wondering if there was an actual diplomatic solution, but someone already mentioned that the would-be required device never made it into the game.

Is there a reason it didn't? Are the Tan Ru supposed to be the Common Bad Guys of WW?

Zogu December 21st, 2005 06:13 AM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
The Urluqai are your usual "great civilization with a bad attitude" guys. Kinda like Germany. But someday maybe the Urluqai will be allies if there is a greater threat to life in the galaxy. For instance, I'd bet they would ally with their neighbors if there is a massive Yellow Kawangi invasion.

On the other side, the Tan Ru are the real bad guys. They're kinda genocidal, you know. Trivia: do you know where their name is from?

rocky8311 December 21st, 2005 01:23 PM

Re: Tan Ru Diplomacy
Burt Rutan? The guy involved with SpaceShipOne and all that non-NASA spaceship-ery? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burt_Rutan

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