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Gandalf Parker June 30th, 2013 11:03 AM

I did NOT stale my turn in Dominions 3!
When the reminder email came in saying I needed to do my turn in the game or stale, my server sent it to my phone.

My phone broke into my music and played a "ringtone" that said "you need to do your turn".

I tapped my headset and said "do my turn for me".

My phone sent a text to my computer saying do his turn.

My computer connected to the game, downloaded my turn, then saved it and uploaded it with no actions.

And if I get home before it hosts I can still put in a turn with actions.

But I did NOT miss getting a turn in.

Gandalf Parker June 30th, 2013 11:04 AM

Re: I did NOT stale my turn in Dominions 3!
I am feeling alittle flush with power. Ive run servers on the net since before Internet was called Internet. I was happy sitting in front of 3 monitors attached to multiple servers. But I was falling behind on all this mobility stuff. I finally got an android phone on sale to get caught up.

A new droid phone that not only receives email, text, phone calls. And it has a bunch of sensors for motion, lights, sound, gestures, location.

Discovering the Tasker group of apps which tie in all of the phones "I can detect" with all of the phones "apps"

Discovering the apps for interface of phone to my server. Text, ssh, etc.

Discovering apps to interface with Insteon or X-10 modules that can control anything in my house

Now I have ordered a bluetooth headset with lots of buttons. MUAHahahahaha *evil laugh*

Gandalf Parker June 30th, 2013 11:10 AM

Re: I did NOT stale my turn in Dominions 3!
when the reminder email comes in, my usual server sees the subject and forwards it to the email address I have assigned to my phone. When that arrives Gmail sees the "tag" I set up in gmail and plays a special ring.

If I am out or running or something, and I know Im going to miss it, I just say into the bluetooth mic "take my turn".

Tasker converts the input "take my turn" in sending a text message back to the email address assigned my server.

My server sees the message, loads AutoHotKey, which loads Dominions 3 autoconnecting to my game

saves my turn <*>

sends in my turn

<*> maybe I will add some to have it do some mandatory things like collect slaves and recruit a mage but mostly its just getting the turn in before the deadline. If I am not the last one doing my turn and I get home in time then I can always redo the turn and upload a new one.

I love new toys (and new meds)

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