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blazejos July 31st, 2021 06:54 PM

77 years since the W hour in Warszawa 1944
A 77th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising 1th of August 5:00 PM (the “W” Hour) UTC+2:00

Best movie which gave the idea how this event is remembered actually is "There is a city" from 2012 just 1:32

Celebrations in this year 2021 4:36

And here someone video from 2020 from one of main streets of Warszawa Aleje Jerozlimskie

Short info about celebrations in 2021

If you are looking for more info about Upraising the best source in multimedia form is
in English/Polish/German/Russian/Spanish/French about Warsaw rising here is explained also long context of this event since pre-war times through war until end of communism in 1989.

Video clip Warsaw city at war is a music video by Sabaton well catches spirit of early days of Rising in their song - duration 5:09
Here the same clip but live performance during Poland Rock festival 2012 with crowd
Historical explanation of their song
Uprising – The 1944 Warsaw Uprising – Sabaton History 076 [Official]

There is also movie Warsaw 1944 (Miasto 1944) made some years ago (2014) and here trailer
There is also offered on amazon prime free to view when with advertisements
https://www.amazon.com/Warsaw-44-Ann.../dp/B07R4GSLXG And here is analysis of PIAT usage scene inside that moviehttps://fightingonfilm.com/warsaw-44...cene-analysis/

Second film from 2019 The Messenger (Kurier) is about Cichociemny "Jan Nowak" Jeziorański https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_No...ziora%C5%84ski
who landed in Poland some days just before Upraising and bring last info for General "Bór" about international situation in USA/UK/USSR from polish government in exile in London. Movie ends with scene of Upraising start in W hour. Here trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrWRSzUEcig

Third movie Sewer (Kanał) from 1957 made shortly after Destalinisation in Poland 1956 have some simplifications and censorship but made in real ruins of Warsaw city was still in large parts pile of bricks and ruins.
Here full movie even in HD Spanish subtitles embedded

Here "Kubuś" DIY APC on Chevrolet truck chassis moving again first time since 1944 in 2011

And if you are looking for aerial photos here project by Warsaw Rising museum collection of German aerial photos captured by allies. They are so detailed that they start now map even tress which survive 1944 and are still inside city

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