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TheMenacer June 17th, 2008 10:28 PM

LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips
As we all know, LA Abysia starred on Extreme Makeover: Nation Edition before the release of the latest patch. However, a cursory search reveals that nobody's talking about their new look, probably due to their lackluster performance before the patch leaving everyone reluctant to even give a crap about them. I've been trying to get a handle on them recently, and can't seem to do it, I mean there's a few obvious choices, they don't need a bless and they love them some fire evocations and have some of the cheapest and therefore best blood hunters available everywhere, but I can't seem to find their on switch. They lack that oh-so-charming "set everyone on fire" aura of the previous ages, they're still fairly capital-centric for a late age nation, and their heavy infantry gets slaughtered in droves by crossbows. Someone give me some pointers/lets discuss this nation.

dirtywick June 17th, 2008 10:46 PM

Re: LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips
Never tried them, but at a glance a pretty wide variety of cheap, sacred assassins many of which have magic looks like it could be leveraged into something. I'd think they'd need high order scales because you're going to want many forts to produce as many assassins as you can without neglecting mages. Slayer Worms look like the best deal, their stats aren't too bad and they can bless themselves.

Can't lead an army without commanders.

Wokeye June 17th, 2008 11:05 PM

Re: LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips
I was playing LA Abysia in a MP game before and after the patch. It's been a while and I've misplaced my notes, but I've noticed that they have improved some, although not sure if it's really a big step.

Unless you've got heaps of cash to burn, I just can't find much use for the new assassins, except maybe as stealth preachers...or just better/sacred assassins, possible reanimators? The good ones are all prone to old age effects anyway, reducing their cost-effectiveness as researchers and combative assassins.

The change to the mages is good, however (more death, if I remember rightly) allowing spectral infantry and a few other things. Could do with earth magic IMO, for demon knights, forging good armour and some useful spells.

Cerlin June 17th, 2008 11:38 PM

Re: LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips
Ive played them several times SP and I really liked the new changes. I think the number one thing you really need for them is a rainbow pretender. It really helps keep you viable and blood hunting is your master. Normal armies mixed with demons do well. I probably under use the assassins but they do look cool. The new summon spell is very useful though. http://forum.shrapnelgames.com/images/smilies/laugh.gif Gath zombies are really hard to kill and mix with your armies well.

Lazy_Perfectionist June 18th, 2008 05:05 AM

Re: LA Abysia - In Which I Blatantly Fish For Tips
I looked at them, cause I was curious, but didn't mess around with the nation. Might after I get comfortable with Machaka.

A few assassin ideas - nothing even remotely tested, just brainfarts.

edit: why brainfarts? A week of trouble sleeping, coupled with 4:00 AM....

Slayer Newt
Slayer Worm - H1
Slayer Anathemant F1H2?1 ?=FD
Slayer Sanguine B2H2

Slayer Anathemant w/death random: Off the table: corpse Candle, Hand of Death, Disintegrate. Not worth it even with spare gem (Fatigue, touch, MR). On the other hand, if you're facing an undead leader, Dust to dust is a nice spell. Frighten might be nice as well. Decay will be handy against some nations, but not others. You could load a few spare death gems, and cast Raise Skeletons twice, if I remember my mechanics.

Slayer Anathemant with two fire: Rage, Bonds of Fire, Immolation look like they might be fun. Pheonix Power, summon lessr fire elemental, summon lesser fire elemental, summon lesser fire elemental.
Flame Eruption, pillar of fire.
Incinerater F3, fat 20, happens to be a 100% precision spell.
In theory, you should be able to cast Pheonix Power followed by Living Fire if you have three gems on hand.

Slayer Sanguine: Blood burst may leave you exhausted, but it will take out single humanoids. Available at B1, may be worth a try if you've got very dificult independents on your map.

Saw some funny behavoir scripting summon imp, reinvigoration, summon imp, reinvigoration, summon imp. Are they supposed to disappear after a single turn?

Unfortunately, putting a basic fire sword on your assasin gets rid of your secondary and primary weapons. Still, you have access to Flesh Eater, and Heart Finder, ontop of whatever bless you may have and ambidex. Course, you don't want your opponent to pick up either of these off a failed hit.

Boosting attack is always helpful, whether for low strength or high. It'll help you bypass shield protection/parry. Ring of the warrior is plenty cheap, though you have to expect some deaths, and the enmey looting off your coprse.

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