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gregebowman July 24th, 2011 09:42 PM

USB drivers
I got Verizon FIOS last week, which forced me to drag out my old computer to use until I get a new laptop. One of the reasons I quit using my old desktop is that after a friend made a repair to the computer, he installed Windows 2000 Professional on it, replacing the Millenium verson that was on there before. everything worked ok, except my USB ports. I couldn't get them to work. It was not big deal at the time, since I didn't have a MP3 player at the time. But now that I do have a MP3 player, I want my USB ports to work. I just spend about 3 hours searching Google for a free utility to use, but I coudln't find one. Does anyone know where I can get drivers for free, and I do mean free? Or does Best Buy or Wal-Mart see driver programs for real cheap? If anyone can help me, I'd apreciate it. Thanks

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