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agelian September 6th, 2011 07:29 AM

Open Source Dominions 3 Map Generator
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New Map Generator

Map Generator CodePlex Page

Download Link: Here

I hope you guys will enjoy the work I've been doing on this new Map Generator.

Its written in c# using .Net 4.0

(Atm Save does not work on mono due to using a native library to write out the map as a tga file.. will put some work into remove this linux blocker)

Its an alpha at the moment but enough work is in there I think to get a little feedback from the forums and maybe even enlist some extra help to get it to 1.0.

Main Features So Far
  • Generates Wrapped Provinces with Jagged Edges
  • Generates Sea Province with completely surrounded seas being deep seas
  • Generates a set amount of Forest Provinces
  • Add Nostart to Map file for provinces which have 3 or less Sea/Land Neighbours

Planned For 1.0
  • Generate all the Major Terrain Types (Including caves)
  • Various algorithms for terrain distribution
  • Multiple seeds for each terrain type (Atm each seed generates 1 map aka sea forest distribution). Allows for easier sharing of maps through settings, seeds
  • More to come as I get feedback

Hope you all enjoy the work and can help with idea, bug testing and/or code.


PS. Thanks to Gandalf for his input in getting the generator to where it is.

Bullock September 6th, 2011 02:18 PM

Re: Open Source Dominions 3 Map Generator
Your soft seems to have a great potential !
Thanks for your work on it. :you:

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