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Wdll November 26th, 2021 04:12 PM

Several new purchases and upgrades over the last year or so for Greece.
Not all have arrived and before they do I guess it would be unfair to ask for them to be brought into the game, where relevant.

One of the changes are the "new" ~1200 M1117. Forty four of which just arrived, still with the old paintjobs and obviously no weapons on them yet. They are going to replace the Mercedes GD-240, among other vehicles. For recon and other light roles.


The RM-70 have for some time now the new extended range Serbian rockets



I am not certain which exactly rockets they have.

Wdll December 2nd, 2021 10:07 AM

Re: Greece
And the official arrival. Several photos here.

You can see them in their new paintjob.
Also according to a plaque that can be seen among the photos, (and mentioned in the article) they are going to have (for now?) the following weapons.
40mm Mk19, 0.50" HMG (the photo is low quality I can't make out what it says) and a 5.56 M249. Also partly visible is something about a smoke launcher or something M24? I can't read it.

Wdll December 27th, 2021 02:45 PM

Re: Greece
For me at least, some very cool photos of one of the Heron UAVs (made in Israel) which Greece rents from Israel. Or is it hires? Anyway, I am sure it's going to be helpful when needed.


Wdll January 20th, 2022 05:16 AM

Re: Greece
And the Rafale are officially here.
Beautiful aircraft.

Wdll March 3rd, 2022 06:48 AM

Re: Greece
At the end of last month.

"Red dot" sights were ordered for G3A3 rifles. At this point only about 760 of them. Though for a cost of about half a million (before tax) it feels wrong. Having said that, I don't really know the cost or model

M72A7 and Μ72Α9 Α5 LAW were also ordered.
Again for about 427,000 euros (before tax) for 91 pieces.

Strange numbers, but it is what it is.

Source is the longest running military affairs magazine in Greece.


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