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IronDuke99 February 17th, 2016 07:09 PM

Re: British Forces since 2000
It seems Challenger 2 MBT is going to get an upgrade to extend its service life out to about 2035, including improved turret systems and optics, but not a new gun (ie, it will retain the 120mm rifled L30A1). It remains to be seen if the upgrade will include any form of active anti tank missile defence, although The Royal Armoured Corps would certainly like this. The upgrades are expected to start in 2019. Not all the 227 British Challenger 2's will be upgraded.

Meanwhile two points on Chally 2 in the game. In addition to the coaxial chain gun and loaders AA MG, they can also carry a remote controlled 7.62 MG, or .50 MG or auto 40mm grenade launcher.

Challenger 2 also seems a little slow, especially off road, in the game to me.

DRG February 17th, 2016 10:30 PM

Re: British Forces since 2000

"The maximum speed by road is 59km/h and 40km/h cross country"

59 / 3 = 19.66666666666667 = 20 rounded up...same procedure for any vehicle

so by that source it's slow by one........ not something likely to stand out in game play but I will confirm that info and make the change if it's justified.


<TABLE id=table52 borderColor=#cccccc cellPadding=0 width="100%" align=left border=0 abp="40"> <TBODY abp="41"> <TR abp="137"> <TD bgColor=#cccccc height=13 width="50%" align=center abp="138">Maximum road speed</TD> <TD bgColor=#ffffff height=13 vAlign=top width="50%" align=center abp="140">56 km/h</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

56/3= 18.66666666666667 = 19 which is what's in the game now so I guess it depends on the source

FASTBOAT TOUGH February 18th, 2016 03:06 AM

Re: British Forces since 2000
Maybe the following will be of some use though it appears the speed is about right @ 59kph(37mph)/40kph(25mph) from the following refs. Some speed sacrificed in the name of protection not too bad a trade off. But the difference is obvious in the power plant, it's not a turbine driven engine. As a side note the "E" model had a significant electronics upgrade to include the gunners stabilized sight w/LR with a range of 200m -10,000m (660ft. - 6.2mi.) that's pretty darn good. I was thinking the "TES" would be the right candidate for the expanded TI/GSR 50 originally, but I believe the newer "E" model is w/o a doubt the best choice, though as the game currently stands it would be the earliest to achieve the mark by almost 5 yrs. with the LECLERC not very far behind. Anyway...


IronDuke99 February 18th, 2016 10:11 PM

Re: British Forces since 2000
There has been some recent talk around in some, generally non Tanker, sections of the British Army about Challenger 2 getting long in the tooth.

In fact it probably still has the best armour of any MTB. The 120mm rifled gun is also still fine, although ammo stocks are now limited (although some new rounds seem have been made in Belgium for the gun) The upgrade for Challenger 2 will include looking at sourcing new ammo stocks.

Challenger 2 lacks an active anti-tank missile defence (something like the Trophy system used by Israel) but this probably could be fitted in an upgrade. It would certainly be worth it if it is to remain in service out to 2035.

After that the smart money seems to be on UK getting involved with the USA or, perhaps, Germany for an ultimate replacement.

With regard to speed 59 kmh seems right. It is commonly said that Warrior IFV's have had problems keeping up with both Challenger and Challenger 2 off road.

IronDuke99 February 19th, 2016 12:38 AM

Re: British Forces since 2000

Ajax along with Ares (APC) and Athena (command) Apollo, Atlas and Argus (assorted engineer types) will replace most of the CVR(T) types (but not Stormer) starting in 2017.

Ajax will carry a 40mm auto gun (as will be used on Warrior 2000) while the APC's will lack a turret but be able to carry about four men each, besides crew.

The British Army is keen to get 8x8 wheeled vehicles for the new planned 'Strike Brigades' but there is nothing firm on what vehicle they will buy (French, US or German most likely) or when...

IronDuke99 February 19th, 2016 02:28 AM

Re: British Forces since 2000
RAF transport aircraft: The eventual fixed wing transport force will be

8 C17 Globmaster
14 C130J Super Hercules
22 A400M Atlas

Both the Super Hercules and Atlas will be able to drop paras.

Imp February 22nd, 2016 03:11 AM

Re: British Forces since 2000

With regard to speed 59 kmh seems right. It is commonly said that Warrior IFV's have had problems keeping up with both Challenger and Challenger 2 off road
This is just a case of the game not being able to rate offroad performance vs road I think.
Sure I read more than once the Challenger has very good off road suspension & hence is more capable off road than one might expect.
Same thing I think holds true for the Merkava on the certain terrain it will outperform seemingly faster units.
This will apply to many other vehicles as well not all 4X4 are born equal but it has little impact & is not possible to fix.

IronDuke99 March 31st, 2016 09:24 AM

Re: British Forces since 2000
The British Army (and Royal Marines) faces the problem that on the one hand large scale armoured battle is back on the agenda after years of counter insurgency stuff, because some members of NATO (and some of the EU, mainly the same nations) seem to want to confront Russia in her own -for example- Baltic backyard while there is a big public unwillingness to put troops on the ground after long -hardly winning- wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (in my own view the west lost in Afghanistan as soon as we set a rough date to withdraw).

Can the West defeat the IS in the middle east just from the air and with special forces? Well history must make us doubt this, especially when so many Western nations have a, relatively small, IS 'fifth column' within their own Muslim populations.

Now there is the modern military conundrum...

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