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Gandalf Parker December 4th, 2013 07:53 PM

New features for www.Dom4Minions.com
New Features....

Besides the "anything you want" for game options that Dom3Minions supported we have done some work. Some features people might want in their games.

MANY new notification options for game turns or reminders

an Admin lock on players going AI (turning computer player) which allows the Admin to stale, allow, or hold the game up while a substitute is arranged

Musical Chairs which causes the LAST player to do their turn to ALWAYS stale. Really speeds up the game.

Game Admin direct access to make changes like reboot game, pause timer, or force a hosting

START=CRASH I know that sounds scary but it is a good thing. Items that HAD to be figured out before the game started can be added after everyone uploads their gods. Map size and water amount. AIs can be added from the nations NOT chosen by players. And on Dom4 games things like number of thrones can be a factor based on number of players. Of particular interest would be a game where EVERYONE in a Dom4 game can upload a full pretender, then at start the game can assign each one 2 disciples from the unchosen nations.

And of course, as usual, if anyone has any insane wild idea they want then just ask.

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