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GFSnl July 24th, 2011 08:18 AM

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Myconos, land of the Fungi is being attacked from within. Virulent parasites have infected large parts of this once vibrant kingdom.


Version 3.30


Mortar Pod is a new recruit-able archer unit that rains down poison on enemies ranks.

- New unit: Mortar Pod
- Spores are mindless now.
- Fixed some spelling errors

Version 3.20. Mod Compatible version.

- Stag Centaur now D2N2 as meant to be.
- Hell Hound no items
- Anemone Myconid's land shape never heals. Now it really has to go back into the water after 1 month.
- Fixed name of Voland & Duke with no name type.
- Fixed wolf stats. Wolf no longer uses copy stats.

Myconos Version 3.0

Yeah, I know, another update. Phew... not again.

There was just to much potential for various semi-cheats with the free spawn to be a serious MP nation. Besides with the unrest dominion the only viable strategy was to go for free spawn and blood hunt for more free spawn (Blood Fungus).
I hope the nation can be played with more than one strategy now, although I think some prices still needs some tweaks. Enjoy!

- Removed unrest incurring dominion
- Free spawn reduced by 40%
- Former Palace guard, now City Guard, recruit anywhere. Hurray :).
- Changes magic on Elder Counsel Mage from 2AWEN to 2 times 1AWEN
- Tweaked some prices
- PD above 20 only 8 Granite warriors for 10 points
- Set castles types
- Laboratories and Temples normal prices
- Summon Blood Fungus 80 -> 60 slaves

Myconos Version 2.1

- Starfish fungi no longer immobile. So a Starfish commander with a flying carpet is an idea.
- Fungi Polyp second shape fixed.
- Polyps have a little upkeep now. But only half of other freespawn.
- Removed Glamour from large Chrysalis. Survival rate was to large with glamour.

Myconos Version 2.0

Total revamp. Lots and lots of new content and changes.
Myconos is a lot more difficult to play but more rewarding (I think).
The Auto summons from the three major mushroom mages probably needs balancing.

- Dominion causes unrest. ***Major Change***
- No more Astral from the beginning.

- New Pretender: Myconid Queen
- New Unit: Giant Tick
- New Unit: Blood Beast
- New Unit: Celestial Bandar
- New Unit: Hell Hound
- New Unit: Hell Spawn
- New Unit: Infected Elephant
- New Unit: Infected Tiger
- New Unit: Infected Moose
- New Unit: Infected Markata
- New Unit: Infected Winged Monkey
- New Unit: Infected Spider
- New Unit: Infected Wolf
- New Unit: Infected Harpy
- New Unit: Infected Imp
- New Unit: Infected Demon Jester
- New Unit: Infected Spine Devil
- New Unit: Infected Devil

- auto summon on 2nd stage Mushroom mages. Air,Nature and Blood Fungus. ***Major Change***
Fly Amanita: Infects (summon) various forest creatures
Enokitake: Infects various plains/other creatures
Blood Fungus: Infects various demons
Water Fungus: Summons sacred baby Fungi.
- Possession now 2N instead of 1S
- Lots of minor tweaks.


Q: This domain causes unrest thingy costs a *LOT* of money. How could you?
It has been empirically proven parasites increase unrest.
I released some flesh eating parasites at work and almost no money was being made.
These weren't even the mind snatching kind.
Revised Answer:
It appears only one in three employees survive the parasites. But since they gain zombie like capabilities they can work 24 hours a day instead of 8. The net result is equal so no more reduced income :).

Q: Where's my Astral. I need Astral. I'm entitled to it dammit!
A: You can't handle Astral, Sonny boy.
If you really want it you'll have to earn it.
Celestial Bandars and Mold Demons have Astral.

Q: I can play with the Queen Myconid. Where's the King?
A: The King is busy rescuing various Fungus settlement.
And it sets the stage for a late age Myconid nation let by the King against the infected Queen.

Q: Why would I take the Queen pretender anyway.
A: She's actually and immortal pretender.
On death she'll re-emerge as another unit in the capital.
She can also be used to cast Possession without killing her. She will shape into another form.

Q: What am I doing here, and what's the meaning of life.
A: Ehh... ?

To do:

- Numerous spelling errors
- Sharper banner

- *** Balancing ***

- I'd like to ask the community to help me with the balancing and other ideas.
- While you can only recruit 3 base, non-capital units you will want to wait till they're fully infected. Then let them die but keep the parasite alive. It'll form a pupa and transform into the next stage of it's life cycle.
- Hero's and large creatures often automatically commune or cast battle field spells.

Have fun!!

A higher resolution image of 'Myconos Parasitic Evolution Chart' is found here:


Gandalf Parker July 24th, 2011 08:29 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Looks great. Thanks for that.
Are you making use of darkness and darkness spells?

GFSnl July 24th, 2011 08:32 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi

hadn't though about that. That would be a nice addition to PD 20+ like agartha.

Foodstamp July 24th, 2011 01:07 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Very coole :)

GFSnl July 26th, 2011 11:23 AM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Version 0.9

Substantial improvements!

Adept July 26th, 2011 02:08 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Wow, nice graphics and a cool idea. I'll definitely look into this :)

tratorix July 26th, 2011 04:22 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Sacreds don't seem to receive the protection bonus from a high earth bless. Not sure why that is, they seem to receive any other bonus fine.

GFSnl July 26th, 2011 04:24 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Only units with armor gain protection. Thus the Royal Palace Guards do but the Granite Myconid warriors don't.

tratorix July 26th, 2011 04:28 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
Dang, 25 prot would have made for a sweet expansion force. Guess I can't have everything though.

GFSnl July 30th, 2011 08:50 PM

Re: MA -Myconos- Last of the Fungi
New version v0.99


- Fixed some spelling errors
- New Unit: Mold Demon
- New Unit: Great infected hawk
- New Unit: Blood Fungi
- New Unit: Starfish Fungi
- New spell: Infected Winds
- New spell: Blood Stained Lands

Check it out!

I'm particularly interested in your opinions about the national spell Blood Stained Lands. Over/Under powered? Boring/fun?

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