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manteuffel February 10th, 2012 04:54 PM

Lever and alternative flags
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I decided to add the lever into the game. I say it looks about the same as it did in the original game but feedback is always great. The only change I made was add VERY small yellow tic marks to aid in choosing game type. I can make a more "tank like" lever if you want as well.

Here is what it looks like with my old flag mod.


I also made an alternative flag set with a centered Japanese rising sun and a German cross version of the German flag.


I took out the bug :bug: in the campaign screen for both versions.

I am sorry I have not made the mini flags yet but they will be coming out next week on the 17th along with any other requests (as long as I can make them in time of course.)

(These are instructions for the Alternative flags mod. Its the same procedure for the lever mod but if you don't have the "Icon0095" file you can get it from my other mod post.)

To install this mod download the zip.

Navigate to:
-Shrapnel Games/The Camo Workshop/WinSPWW2/Game Data/Graphics/

Copy the old "Battle" and "Icon0095" files and paste them in a new folder. (You can call it anything you like. This is just to make sure you can change back to the old version.)

Then paste the new "Battle" and "Icon0095" files into the Graphics folder.

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