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joeyeti March 28th, 2012 05:48 AM

Anything like a 3d map visualizer?
Hi folks,

after coming back to SP in the form of SPWW2 I am wondering - I am a visual type of a guy and would very much like to see a scneario map in 3d (for general overview, planning etc.).

Does anything like a 3d visualizer exist for SPWW2 maps?
Something like those 3d utilities for Dwarf Fortress, that show the originally flat world in 3d?

I am no programmer, but I imagine - depending on the map code - that it would not be THAT hard to create a visualizer, which would take the original map file and according to hex elevation it would be able to output a graphical 3d image, perhaps even a rotatable 3d model of the map with the texture overlayed...

Am I a dreamer? :)


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