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Darkfather February 27th, 2012 04:37 AM

Player Contributions
Many play testers have expressed an interest in contributing to the body of material available to the game. In particular, they are interested in producing new Actors, Loot, spells, and magical items. In the coming days one of our editorial assistants will be tasked with accepting these contributions. These contributions will be play tested, and then offered to the public as free downloads. All submissions become property of Disrupted Gears Productions, but authorship will be posted with each submissions (your name in lights!).

Submissions should follow a basic format. They should be and RTF file. At the top of the file put your name, your forum ID, your e-mail (this will be removed from the final product) the title of the submission, and the type of submission. Submission should attempt to follow the format of the books and should be original, although stealing from old literature is always in good taste. Submissions should be serious in tone, although humor may be included as long as it does not reduce the utility of the submission. All submissions should assume a place in the world of Virdea - rip offs from Tolkien, LeGuin, and Pratchett are unlikely to be published, although it is naturally hard to come up with anything that has not at least been considered by these luminaries. Artwork should be scanned as an RGB jpg or TIFF file. Do not use clip art, as we must own the rights to the clipart and it cannot be assured the art you use happens to be in our collection.

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