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CharlieFH December 1st, 2013 10:19 PM

Poland OOB
Formation 278, Naval inf CO-M, consists of three naval infantry platoons, formations 280. Should be three formation 277s, naval inf pl-M.

DRG December 2nd, 2013 12:20 AM

Re: Poland OOB
FIXED. Thanks

Pibwl December 23rd, 2013 12:42 PM

Re: Poland OOB
Poland signed an agreement to buy Leopard 2A5 tanks from Germany, in November 2013. They are said to be ready for service, so we might expect them from mid-2014.

Pibwl March 11th, 2014 05:13 AM

Re: Poland OOB
By the end of 2014, 77 Leopards 2A5 are expected.

FASTBOAT TOUGH March 11th, 2014 10:26 AM

Re: Poland OOB
You'll find that and the newer Leopard 2A4 they also bought addressed in my last inputs for 2013/2014 in the Patch page thread.


dmnt February 22nd, 2016 03:39 AM

Re: Poland OOB
Poland to upgrade Leo 2A4 to Leo 2PL:

It's a long, good article going into details. In short:
  • Deliveries planned in 2017-2020: 2017 prototypes (2 tanks), 2018 18 tanks (6+12 by two factories), 2019-2020 the majority (all together to 128 tanks) and in 2021 the remaining last ones (14 tanks).
  • Upgraded L44 cannon to support DM63A1 Sabot ammunition as well as programmable DM11 HE ammunition.
  • 3 tons of armor increase for turret, none for hull. Turret ballistic protection level to be higher than 2A5 standard.
  • New stabilizer, fire control, vision systems (2A7 levels)
  • Safety system upgrades for the crew

blazejos September 12th, 2016 06:31 AM

Re: Poland OOB
Leopard 2PL

Here are photos of polish modernised Leopard 2A4 to version Leopard 2PL


There is also article in polish but translated with google translator what systems were modernised


Proposed modernisation package for older T-72 and PT-91 to bring them closer to leopard standard as for now is a demonstrator only Polish army isn't certain that will modernised this older tanks.



blazejos November 18th, 2016 08:56 PM

Re: Poland OOB
In this month (November 2016) to polish army were added new training/second class attack aircraft’s

Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master polish codename "Bielik"

Aircraft with polish markings on top of wings they were introduced in 2012 but were absent from 1944 (soviet WWII tradition) until 2012 when reintroduced on F-16 first time since 1939

official website (polish language)

Movie with polish camo and insignias aircraft

That remind me that is possible to add in polish OOB COIN aircrafts formation.
In 1946-1959 were used Po-2 and polish license build CSS-13 especially in actions against post AK underground for attack with small bombs and liaison.
Then period 1957 to 1965 PZL TS-8 Bies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PZL_TS-8_Bies
number of yak-11 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakovlev_Yak-11
and yak-18 https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jak-18 used for pilots training only but in case of WWIII were consider as a last and worst reserve for light attacks

And after 1964 until now we have times of PZL TS-11 Iskra Poland was only Warsaw pact country which produced own jet trainer instead use chosen by USSR Czechoslovakian L-29 Albatros. They were also sold to Indian AF


In SPMBT we have icons of Iskra in polish and indian painting already included in shp file and master icon list

In meantime were introduced new model PZL I-22 Iryda to replace Iskra's but has some faults+bad management of whole program 8 were completed and used 19 never fully finished on production line all retried in 1996

for basic training but with some elements of fighting has some 4 hard points for armament max 250kg all so can be used in COIN combat mission is used since 1992 PZL-130 Orlik https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/PZL-130_Orlik

So Iskra remain until now and will be replaced by this new Italian aircraft

Pibwl October 10th, 2017 04:23 PM

Re: Poland OOB

Originally Posted by dmnt (Post 832962)
Poland to upgrade Leo 2A4 to Leo 2PL:

026 Leopard 2PL - of course, like most of Polish AFV upgrade programs, it remained in plans only as for now :(
However, since mid-2014 Poland operates regular ex-German Leopard 2A5 (what I indicated three years ago), with better armour, which should definitely replace Leopard 2PL (photo is correct). They also use Polish-made HE ammo, like unit 023.

023 Leopard 2A4P - it's a detail, but it has inexplicable big weight. 2A4P seems not real designation (it was possibly some planned upgrade), but it represents the tank with HE ammo.

037 Krab - first battery was about to be delivered only in 11/2012 (Polish article: http://www.altair.com.pl/news/view?news_id=8763&q=krab). Earlier there existed prototypes in a factory, so probably the first date should be changed. Same for 759 Krab Platoon.

Finally, by 8/2017 there was delivered a complete battalion (on new chassis) and orders speeded up, so this unit should be duplicated with an ordinary radio code from that date. It is also known as AHS Krab (''armato-haubica samobieżna'' - SP gun-howitzer), but it doesn't seem official designation

In July 2017 the first batch of 120mm SP-mortars Rak was delivered - http://www.army-technology.com/proje...mortar-system/ (Rosomak chassis, something similar to Russian #595 2S23 Nona-SVK), other photos: http://iu.wp.mil.pl/userfiles/image/regi3.jpg

That's all with news as for now. We could add newest brainchild of our (suspected...) MoD, a OT infantry (territorial defence), being a bunch of weekend amateurs with newest MSBS Grot rifles, but I wouldn't bother... (http://www.defence24.com/664005,msbs...apons-analysis). Unless we'd just copy a standard infantry squad and platoon organization and give them much less experience, maybe a bit more morale. Maybe it should be added in the future, since it seems to be a lasting element of the Polish Army..

btw: weapon #07 wz.88 Tanta AR is a typo, should be Tantal AR.

misc: unit 958 Orlik has a jet icon, while it is a prop plane (upper view: http://mazuryairshow.pl/wp-content/u...lik-scheme.png, http://i.iplsc.com/pzl-130-orlik-tc-...B6-C322-F4.jpg). Might be replaced with something generic (the best: grey), since they are rather not important, and their COIN use is highly speculative.

Pibwl October 13th, 2017 06:57 PM

Re: Poland OOB

Originally Posted by Pibwl (Post 839832)
023 Leopard 2A4P - ... 2A4P seems not real designation (it was possibly some planned upgrade), but it represents the tank with HE ammo.

A look back explained, that it first was a speculative tank with missiles. Therefore it should be named just Leopard 2A4 (or A4+, like unit 022) (or other name to indicate HE ammo). BTW, HE ammo was accepted in 12/2012, and entered full-scale production from 2014, so this tank might need a half-year shift (now starts in 6/12).

Unfortunately, Polish Leopards have too good ammo in the game (sabot pen. 86). In fact they used only German old DM33A1 (in German oob penetration 70, if it is weapon #100 120mm L44 WG87).

Only from 2015 there has been delivered mysterious Polish Mesko-manufactured APFSDS-T (no name, sometimes credited as Pz.531). There is an information, that it offers at least 500 mm RHA penetration (http://promilitaria21.home.pl/autoin...pfsds-t-120-mm ).

The same ammo is used be Leo 2A5. However, there was also a mention in one article, that along with Leo 2A5 there arrived a small emergency batch of "modern" ammo...


Mi-24 helicopters:

It appeared, that Polish Mi-24s run out of (obsolete) AT missiles by 2012 (article in Polish https://www.trojmiasto.pl/wiadomosci...i-n106076.html).

So, units 124 Mi-24D and 125 Mi-24W should end at 12/12 at best (Mi-24D weren't withdrawn by then).
BTW, proper icon for 125 Mi-24W is 3494, used for all terrains.
Also 124 Mi-24D should use the same icon 3487 for all.

126 Mi-24D - should be available until some 2022 (they are still in use), icon 3487 for all (rocket-only armed camouflaged Mi-24D helicopters were used in Iraq in 2004-2008).

098 Mi-24W - it differs in a higher TI/GSR 40, but in fact none of Polish Mi-24 had modernized aiming systems, so I believe it should be standard 30.

At least since 2004, Mi-24 after refit are painted green (icon 3485), so I suggest to make this unit available from 2004, with green icon and no missiles.

photos of green ones: https://skrzydla.org/photos/2010-11-20/80605.jpg

There should be also created a variant with two underwing 23mm GSh-23L guns (weapon #187) - they were probably used since beginning, but got more popular on photos only last times. So I suggest it should be based upon green Mi-24W, available since 2004. Although photos usually show them with two gun pods only, they probably can carry half of their 57mm rockets as well.

(photo http://www.defence24.pl/uploads/imag...a64fb8afb9.jpg)

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