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zastava128 September 6th, 2012 02:43 AM

Yugoslav OOB armour and vehicles
Hi, I've noticed there's still a few errors in the Yugoslav OOB. All the info here is from "Dinko Predojevic: Oklopna vozila i oklopne postrojbe u Drugom svjetskom ratu u Hrvatskoj - I.dio" (Armoured vehicles and armoured units in the Second world war - part one) (2008):

-The M3A1 and M3A3 Stuarts were delivered to the island of Vis in September 1944, and were deployed to the mainland in November. In the current version they appear in November, though you might want to make them available slightly earlier to represent a hypothetical Axis attack on Vis, or an earlier deployment (the brigade was formed in Italy in July).

-AEC Mk IIs were deployed together with the Stuarts and remained in use until the end of the war (in the current version it appears on April 1944 and disappears December 1944). They were used in a complementary role with the Stuarts, as they had a stronger main gun but weaker armour than the latter.

-together with the Stuarts and the AECs, the partisans received from the British: M3A1 Scout cars (6), 3-ton trucks (45), jeeps (9), motorbikes (29) plus smaller trucks and utility vehicles (17). The M3A1 scout cars were used as command vehicles until the end of the war.

-in February 1945 the Partisans received some U.S. 75 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8s. (in the current version they only appear in 1946.)

-in April 1945 the Partisans got some U.S. M7 priests.

-The Soviet BA-64s should appear in March 1945, not January. They arrived together with the T-34/85s. The Partisans also received some Soviet ZIS halftracks and trucks (all unarmed), plus GAZ-67s (the jeep equivalent).


Marginal stuff - there were very few of these in use, so they're probably not worth including:

-a couple of captured SdKfz 7 are mentioned (there's a photo of one from late 1943).

-there's a photo of a Bren Carrier with extra armour and two MG42 machine guns instead of its standard weaponry. It was most likely a unique vehicle.


I'll try and get the other part and see if there's any corrections to be made to the "Ustase" tanks. I say "Ustase" because the Ustase were actually a political militia - the regular (and far more numerous) forces of fascist Croatia were called the Croatian Home Guard, and most tanks were assigned to them (though towards the end of the war the Ustase and Home Guards were combined into a single army). There were also a whole bunch of smaller Axis militias in Yugoslavia - the Serbian Volunteer Corps, the slovenian White Guards etc.

To be honest, the Axis forces in Yugoslavia could use an OOB of their own, but that's beyond the scope of this thread.

DRG September 6th, 2012 09:14 AM

Re: Yugoslav OOB armour and vehicles
I'll put this on the list to look into when I start OOB work



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