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Annette March 15th, 2006 11:27 AM

New Download Option for Space HoRSE!
Ride The Digital Space HoRSE!
Space HoRSE Now Available As A Download!

Hampstead, NC, 15 March 2006

A horse is a horse of course, of course, unless the horse is an intergalactic Space HoRSE!
In which case it's really a Holistic Robotic Slave Engineer, and not a true horse, which is
good because you really don't want to have horse poop floating around in zero-g, now do
you? Regardless of your stance on outer space horse dung Shrapnel Games is pleased to
announce that you can now download your very own Space HoRSE at the Gamers Front.

Yes, now gamers have the option to purchase Gilligames' Space HoRSE either as an
immediate download, or as a physical copy in a DVD safebox. It's four in the morning
and you have a burning thirst for Space HoRSE, a thirst that can't be satisfied in four to
seven working days? Quench it with the download. Maybe you like a physical package
so you can add it to your game shelf? Order Space HoRSE in the DVD case, and
remember, Shrapnel ships all over the world. You can choose either option by visiting
the Gamers Front at:


Space HoRSE is a homage to the classic game M.U.L.E., one of the first games on the
home computer to not only be primarily played as a multiplayer game (with up to four
players competing on a single Atari 800 system), but it was also one of the first whose
gameplay was non-violent in nature. Space HoRSE allows gamers who missed out on
this wonderful game to experience it on today's computers.

Like the game that inspired it, Space HoRSE is a fast moving game of space colonization
with the help of a trusty Space HoRSE. Up to four players can play, and just like the
original the four can even play on the same computer. Wanting to play with a group but
don't want your gaming crew crowded around your desk (gamer sweat and the odor of
stale Cheetos is just not a good combination)? Space HoRSE supports online play, and
with the downloadable matchmaking program, meeting opponents in cyberspace is a

Gameplay is easy to pick-up, with a low learning curve that anyone can master, though
learning the game and learning how to win are two different matters. The AI provides an
excellent challenge for players of all skill levels, but for the ultimate challenge play
against three of your fellow carbon-based lifeforms. A typical game is short enough to be
enjoyed during a break, and over forty-five random events means each game can be

For more information on Space HoRSE, or to download its demo, please visit
www.shrapnelgames.com. There you can also read about our entire lineup of critically
acclaimed and award-winning titles. From sci-fi to fantasy to the real world, Shrapnel
Games has something for everyone.

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