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Default Dom3 Item Forging Reference Project - Updated Feb 18th

I've put together a way to quickly determine which items a mage can forge based on his magic paths.

--> Online version HERE! <--
--> Included in Snoddasmannen's searchable database HERE! <-- ***

Excel version here!
Open Office version here!
CSV version here!
PDF version here!
...but be sure to re-download occasionally to stay current!

***Snoddasmannen has graciously uploaded the Vanilla Forging Reference to his online searchable database!

Currently available Forging References:
CBM 1.3
CBM 1.4

I'd very much like this to become a "repository" of mod-specific forging references. If you're a modder and would like to create your own, I'll be happy to give you editing privileges. You'll need a (free) gmail account. Just PM me your gmail address.

The "Single Path" pages look like this:

Under each of the 8 magic paths, all the "single path" items are listed, grouped by the magic-level needed to forge them, and color-coded to indicate the needed Construction level (blue = = Const8). Items that boost magic paths are italicized.

The "Dual Path" pages look like this:

It's a consolidated matrix that groups all similar "dual path" items together, includes the path requirements, and follows the same color convention as before.

It answers the following questions very easily:
1) What items can I forge at Construction level X?
2) What can *insert name of newly encountered mage* forge?
3) If I empower/boost *insert name of mage*, what new items will be available?

All the data was mined from the Dom3 DB, produced by Edi.


EDIT1 (1/27/08, 6pm):
-Uploaded file to 2shared

EDIT2 (1/28/08, 9am):
-Version 2008.01.28 posted (only minor revisions, though)
--2008.01.28 changelog
---"Armor of Twisting Thorns" properly italicized
---Credit for Dom3 DB taken from Ed, given to Edi
---Dual-Path FR now opens in proper orientation
-Removed redundant link to 2shared hosted file

EDIT3 (2/1/08, 3pm):
-Version 2008.02.01 posted (again, only very minor revisions)
--2008.02.01 changelog
---"Blood Stone" properly italicized
---"Skull of Fire" properly italicized

EDIT4 (2/16/08, 11am):
-Forging reference for Conceptual Balance Mod 1.21 now included
-No changes to the vanilla forging reference

EDIT5 (8/7/08, 3pm):
-Online version officially posted
-Outsiders invited to collaborate
-Changed title to more pretentious "project"

EDIT6 (8/7/08, 6pm)
-CSV version made available - now you can open it in your own spreadsheet!
-PDF version made available - if that's your thing!
-Attached PDF retired to that big server archive in the sky

EDIT7 (8/7/08, 7pm)
-XLS (Microsoft excel) version available
-ODS (open office) version available

EDIT8 (10/4/08, 1:30pm)
-Updated CBM references to CBM 1.3
-Revised formatting: Single references now optimized for wide-screen viewing & subsections alphabetized
-NOTE: If you use the online version, you MUST update your bookmarks!

EDIT9 (10/6/08, 3:30pm)
-Uploaded link to Snoddasmannen's searchable database.

EDIT10 (1/15/08, 10:30am)
-Added CBM 1.4 references

EDIT11 (9/19/09, 4pm)
-Added CBM 1.6 references

EDIT12 (2/18/2010, 8pm)
-Fixed a few CBM 1.6 errors (thanks vfb, Trumanator, & Tmoe!)

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