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Default Re: Nation - Tomb Kings - Released!

Right, at long last, I've made an update (available from the first post). The overall objectives are to make the Tomb Kings a nation which makes heavy use of summons, which was always how it was intended, and also to fix issues like the Asp Archers being overpowered, and most commanders being unable to see in the dark. The changes are:

- You now get 5 anubites for 8 gems, rather than only 3 anubites.
- Anubites cost earth gems instead of death gems, which are always too valuable to spend.
- Anubite protection lowered from 18 to 16 - they are meant to be offensive units, and should not be able to hold a line too well.
- Servants of Horus buffed - higher hp (12->16), and reinvig 4 (the blessing of Horus).
- Servants of Horus only cost 8 gems for 4, rather than 10 gems.
- The Bone Scorpion now costs 18 gems, down from 20
- The poison on the arrows from Asp Archers is now mr-negates
- Asp archers now cost 16 gold instead of 17.
- Buried are no longer capital only, allowing non-archer based bless strategies
- Almost all non-undead units now have darkvision (the Servants of Horus being the exception).
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