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Default Faerun 466 - Adventure Map! (UPDATED!)

Map files have been updated! Follow the download link and download the fixed map files, they are in a separate zip archive.

This thread is a repost of the Faerun map. I have reuploaded the map. Borders and neighbors are as they should be and there have been some terrain tweaks in some places. The graphic has been altered to reflect the actual border situation near Uthangol Mountains, Eastern Chondalwood and Hardcastle. That had been on my to-do list for a small eternity.

You can download the map from here.

466 provinces, with 397 land and 69 seas. It's a fairly open map, so chokepoints are not that abundant except in some regions. No starting locations on land that don't have at least 5 neighbors and all sea starts have a minimum of 4 neighbors (IIRC). Some of the provinces with the most neighbors are made non-startable on purpose. Provinces that are intended to be special provinces in the adventure map version are also non-starts.

This version has both a No Specials and an Adventure Map version. Era specific map versions are unlikely.

Adventure map specs:
  • Special provinces - old & new, all improved
  • Most sites in special provinces are hidden, so they need to be found. Many are scripted but not all are #killfeatured, so playing with high site frequency may get some of scripted things replaced.
  • 100 VPs scattered around the map and not only in special provinces. This enables MP games where it is possible to win without needing to fight everyone and where alliances and diplomacy play an even larger role than they do now.
  • All inland seas contain poptypes that are amphibious to one degree or another, so units recruited there do not get trapped.
  • There is one problem with the map specific to LA: Atlantis may end up starting next to an inland sea. This cannot be helped, but the probability should not be too overwhelming compared to coastal locations next to the large seas

Preview pic:

Feedback is welcome.

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