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Default Conceptual Balance Mod 1.6

This version is coming out a little early (some games are waiting for it) so an up to date readme and a split version of the mod will be along later. The change log posted here is fairly complete though, so combined with the old readme there shouldn't be any problems.

General changes:

*Clams, Blood stones and Fever Fetishes Unique items.

*Lord of Corruption stealth boosted.

*Midget Masher revamped: now does AOE 1 damage but needs lots of strength to work at all.

*Dancing trident 2a to forge -> 1a.

*Serpent king given more dominion.

*Great warlock given astral magic.

*Vampire queen got another -10 to new path cost.

*Gorgon 150 points.

*Herald lance cheaper.

*Tartarians -25% hp.

*The Sharpest Tooth, Percival the Pocket Knight, Holger the Head, Fenris' Pelt, Trident From Beyond, Carcator the Pocket Lich, Jade Mask all cheaper/easier to forge.

*Claymen 5 gems -> 3 gems.

*Hidden in Sand, Hidden in Snow cheaper again (this is partly due to trying to give water gems better value, and make earth help earth summons having trouble even with bloodstones involved).

*Naiad Warriors cheaper (this is also related to the clam change, the aim is to make them not just an OK deal but a great deal to help fill the void).

*Burnsaber's underwater mod water breathing item changes adopted (breathing items drastically cheaper).

*Juggernauts got awe.

*Many heroes given special weapons (either named after the hero or called hero's spear/morningstar/etc.), which are magic and most also have a bonus vs larger beings.

*Many heroes improved by autocasting personal luck in battle, you can tell they get the luck in battle if they have one of the weapons mentioned above.

*New forgable item added: Hero's Blade, 2e, const level 2 to forge. Mostly similar to sword of sharpness except on hit it does 15 extra ap damage to most enemies, and 45 ap to larger enemies.

*Treelords generate vine men instead of nature gems.

*Bell of Cleansing takes 2w, research 6.

*Umbrals cost 3 gems and are back at research level 5.

*Dragons and dragon scale mail got +2 protection value.

National Balance:

*Sounder of Boars, Sloth of Bears, Pack of Wolves, and Ambush of Tigers (one of the spells, the other one can't be accessed with mod commands) all research 0.

*MA Agartha got crossbows, capital only stone hurlers, a 10% random on golemcrafters, and lower research level on enchantment summons.

*EA and MA Agartha oracles 50 gold cheaper.

*Pans, Pandemonics, Panic Apostles and Capricorns all cheaper.

*Centaur archers 25 gold -> 22 gold.

*MA Oceania now gets mermages in coastal forts, and Capricorns only lose 1w when out of water.

*EA Atlantis coral priests now have a chance at magic, mages of the deep are cheaper, basalt pillars improved, and given a starting fort with more admin.

*Sauromatia poison archers increased to 20 gold (given the bug with them is unlikely to be fixed).

*MA man crones got improved randoms, cheaper knights of avalon, wardens and lord wardens everywhere.

*LA Bogarus Khlysts and Skopets cheaper.

*LA C'tis tomb wyrms got fear, grave consort slightly cheaper.

*Marverni druids 40 gold cheaper and cheaper boar warriors, board lord got 1 holy level.

*C'tis priest kings cheaper.'

*Tiger Riders, Wind Riders and Black Hunters cheaper.

*Kailasa capital only mages cheaper, and all sacred troops -5 gold.

*EA Arco engineer recruitable everywhere, mage engineer better at sieging.

*Niefel Jarl, Baal, Adon, Talmai Elder and Melquart increased prices.

Bug fixes:

*Chi shoes attack now a bonus weapon.

*Ry'leh hybrid trooper with -4 from two weapons got ambidex.

*Shade beast price fixed.

*Farm of plenty removed from game (it is bugged and has no effect).

*Thrown boulders have 5 ammo (it was an unintended nerf that they were 2 ammo last version).
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