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Default Re: During Action Report! Calling all tourists! Everyone's invited!

Chapter 2: Meet the Neighbors

Turn 2 file:

From: Captain Haon Door
To: Oceania Chief of Staff
Re: Neighboring provinces


My reconnaissance of the territories surrounding our Glorious Capital is complete. I've enclosed a map.
Click image for larger version

Name:	2 map.jpg
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ID:	9427

I'm afraid we've underestimated the level of resistance our Glorious Armies will face pacifying these brutes.

For starters, the Sea of Mermaids doesn't have mermaids at all, but rather a 60-strong army of net wielding blue things.

The Typhian Sea is even worse, with a garrison of around 80 Triton Guards & Troopers.

But the worst is the Cerulean Sea. At first glance we thought it was just a rabble of Tritons, but upon closer inspection we discovered Sea Trolls and a huge Kraken towering over the army.

Lighter resistance was noted in Divine Ocean - 30 blue things - and Sea of Carassos - 10 Tritons.

Recommend taking Divine Ocean at the earliest opportunity, as the blue ones can walk on land and we're sure to find loyalists willing to join our ranks. Following that I recommend taking Sea of Carassos, then reassessing.

Awaiting orders,
Captain Haon Door
So the indy situation is a bit tougher than I'd anticipated. Bad news, as my strategy's really reliant on a fast opening. Oh well.

My first order of business is to prepare our future prophet for becoming our prophet. This is accomplished stripping him of his earthly moniker and granting him title. He shall hereby be known as Monsieur le Comte de Maquereau, Prophet of Oceania!

Up next, prepare the raiding party. I collect all the crappy tritons into one squad with orders to attack straight up the middle. The ichtycentaurs are put on the flank with orders to stike the enemy's rear.
Click image for larger version

Name:	2 orders.jpg
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Size:	61.7 KB
ID:	9428

Recruitment is a mermage to get the Kelp Fortress search started, and another pile of ichtycentaurs.

Some VERY interesting information in the score graphs:

1) Atlantis has already captured a province, the only nation to do so. Plus his god Glug is now in the Hall of Fame. Plus the Dominion graph shows he's got strong Dominion. The preponderance of the evidence suggests he's following Baalz suggested build of a Dom10 Ancient Kraken. That's going to be one tough cookie, and may necessitate critical reevaluation of my research strategy if he's my neighbor. At least he'll be predictable.
Click image for larger version

Name:	2 glug.jpg
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ID:	9426

2) Vanheim has a huge research lead, they've obviously taken a rainbow for the research surge...probably to follow Baalz's advice for Helheim. I hate to disappoint, but he's going to have a very difficult time pulling the Skull Mentor trick off with Vanheim, they just don't have a way to prime the death pump in any reasonable amount of time.
Click image for larger version

Name:	2 research.jpg
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ID:	9429

[To Newbies - let that be a lesson, always check the score graphs! They're chock full of intel if you pay attention.]
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