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Default Re: 2/9 Update - Calling All Tourists! - MA Oceania DAR

Chapter 3: The Annexation of Puerto Rico

Turn file:

Our conquest of Divine Ocean was successful! Oceania has doubled in size! It's a great province too, 13,000 population.

Though it was a much closer battle then I would have liked.
Click image for larger version

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The Ichtyid defenders proved a worthy adversary, many of our brave Oceanian Tritons fell. At the critical moment, when victory or defeat hung in the balance, Captain Haon Door made the heroic decision to charge recklessly into the fray, slaying 3 and sending the survivors into full retreat!
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He will get some sort of medal for this, to go along with his now Heroic Agility. Though in reality, it'll probably just be a gussied-up clamshell.

Sade the Siren failed to lure anyone to their deaths. Frankly I'm not surprised, she'd packed on a few lbs during the reign of our old Pantokrator. I order her to fly 2 provinces South, in hopes the workout will get her in swimsuit condition by mid-summer (I'm really hoping for a Lizard Indy province there, I frankly don't need standard human recruits).

The newly minted Prophet of Oceania, Monsieur le Comte de Maquereau, collects his retinue of 10 Ichtycentaurs and sets off to the northwest to join Haon Door on an assault of the Triton held Sea of Carassos. Haon Door is ordered to retreat at the battle's onset, hopefully he has the good sense to come back to the capital...though I doubt it, given his celebrity back in Divine Ocean (the ladies refer to him as The Liberator, while winking meaningfully).
Click image for larger version

Name:	3 orders.jpg
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I commission a new Mermage and another column of 10 Ichtycentaurs. He'll be scaring up fortresses for us in no time. I also recruit a Ichtyid Commander who make great generic commanders, as they're amphibious and slow (and therefore don't surge forward into combat too quickly, unlike that moron Haon Door). I'll probably recruit 1 every turn for the next while.

Nothing too interesting fromt he Score Graphs. Atlantis is plodding forward as expected. Brittonia has jumped from 1 to 3 provinces, with a Sir Suidbert in the HoF. Joining him is the apparent combat pretender from Ogres.

Glug the Ancient Kraken is steadily racking up kills. Still no idea who my neighbors are. And of course the now-visible province to the west of Divine Ocean is swarming with 50 defenders.

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