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Default Re: 2/16 Update - Calling All Tourists! - MA Oceania DAR - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Slow News Day

Turn files:

The good news shall be reported first. Our Prophet has finally exacted revenge upon the Hydromancer of the Cerulean Sea. And he took the Hydromancer's piercer as his prize (the crossbow...what a filthy mind you have). A nice pickup, as mentioned in the previous Chapter.
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Now the bad news. Our forces suffered defeat in the shifting tides of the Sea of Mermaids. It was my own fault, as I hurried the turn and stupidly placed my ichtycentaurs at the far right with Attack Closest orders. This had them charge just shy of the ichtyid front, allowing the smurfs to draw first blood. Since they wield nets, my centaurs were sitting ducks, and quickly cut down before they could land their high damage charge bonus. 7/13 killed, and yet another failed attempt at a 2nd expansion party.

In diplomatic news, Nekehara (aka Tomb Kings, the excellent mod nation by llamabeast) has captured the land province east of my capital. This is very interesting because Nekehara is an undead nation, and as such can readily enter the water. He's frankly the only land nation in Tophats that can realistically threaten a water invasion before lategame. It has been my intention to secure a Non-Aggression Pact with him since before Turn 1.
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Fortunately, I didn't even have to make the first move. He immediately send a diplomatic overture requesting friendship. Normally I'd insist he first leave the territory immediately surrounding my capital, but water provinces get no benefits from land neighbors, and frankly it's not worth possibly instigating a fight over. Besides, I couldn't hold it even if I tried, much better to have a friend look after it. So I offer a Non-Aggression Pact with a 3-turn warning clause (NAP-3), and he accepts. Per the house rules, no breaking NAPs, so I'm definitely secure for a while.

Sade again failed to lure the tribesmen. I'm starting to think there's something wrong with her. Will follow up with Department of Health & Humanoid Services to see if she's got some sort of genetic defect. Like a piercer or something

Sending the Prophet against a tough indy: 60 Tritons, Guards, & Troopers (estimates had been as high as 80). I'm reinforcing with the newest batch of ichtycentaurs, so still following my monotonous climb up the province chart, 1 province per turn.

Speaking of provinces, R'lyeh hasn't captured any new ones recently, but his army size has been steadily declining. I wonder if he's at war with Glug...?
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