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Default Re: Feb23 Update - Calling All Tourists! - MA Oceania DAR - Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Calm before The Storm

Turn files:

I'm not going to execute the sneak attack with 007. This decision is based on a calculation I ran: if he does indeed have 10PD, the probability of detection is approximately 84.1% - yes I built a program to calculate it, yes these bruises are from fighting. Though there's a good chance he has exactly 6PD for this reason, I don't want to risk blowing my cover for a low chance at a quick Capital capture:
Click image for larger version

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I frankly think the probability that he notices my buildup on his boarder is lower, given his war in the South with R'lyeh. The likely outcome is that he'll notice my buildup and pump the PD up to 20, which I'd rather battle than potentially lose the equivalent of 75 wall siegers (11 str each...@ 8gold, some of the most efficient recruits in the game, 2nd only to indy Atlantan Militia). I order 007 to hold position this turn, with the intention of sneaking along with the main force carrying gems. Besides, our fish monger can use the Horn of Valor (see below).

Full disclosure: if this were a normal game, I would absolutely send Atlantis a PM right now declaring my friendship, explaining that my forces are simply guarding a new fort in Sea of Mermaids & attacking the indies of Ostmark, and asking for a NAP. And other such lies. But because this is a gentleman's game, lies aren't permitted; or if they are, this gentleman won't be doing it. So I'll just hope he doesn't notice, but normally I'd lie through my teeth

Here's my fish monger. Enc-7 is still high, I know, but as long as Glug is tangled up, it won't matter, he can deal quite a bit of damage in 100/7 = 15 turns...assuming 8prot, that's about 30 damage per turn...450 damage plus curse afflictions before passing out isn't bad at all:
Click image for larger version

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So our frontline troops move into position. Sade kills another Ostmark defender. All's well with the world.
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