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Default Re: Feb25 Update - Calling All Tourists! - MA Oceania DAR - Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Die is Cast

Turn files:

Big day is finally here! It's so exciting, you bring a nation into this world, try to raise him right, hope you've given him all the tools he needs to make it. But nothing can prepare you for that first day of mortal combat. They grow up so fast!

Zee attack vill proceed as planned. Nothing fancy, just a textbook delayed ichtycentaur charge, supported by Tangle Vines & Frighten spam. An Air-random mermage has been given the Piercer; he'll cast Aim on his square, improving the accuracy of the Tanglers, and be set to Fire Glug.
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Oh wait, maybe something a little bit fancy. Our champion approaches...sing it with me!
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Dah....dah! Dah-dah, dah dah dah. Dah! Dah! Dah! Dah-dah dah dah, dah-dah dah dah dah! (chime!)

He slices! He dices! He makes calamari fritters in under 2 minutes! Yeah, I'm gonna be in a great mood all day. He'll start the battle berserk, so to keep him from joining combat immediately I'm going to place him in the back corner with a few ichtycentaurs set to guard commander. They'll keep up with ol' Omurtag as he immediately charges into the fray, and get a boost to their morale from the Horn of Valor he'll now be tooting.

Since Omurtag is sacred, I'm going to have the Prophet start the battle off with a Divine Blessing, which will give Omurtag a slight boost to his defense, which otherwise is being sapped by the berserk. The Prophet will then proceed with other holy incantations, boosting our morale, and hopefully paralyzing our 8-legged foe.

The remaining ichtycentaurs will be split between the front line with Hold & Attack orders, and in the other back corner with Attack Rear orders.

As mentioned, hopefully he won't notice my little buildup on his boarder, but even if he does, he'll probably let me take this province uncontested to see what I have.

I recruit a bunch more ichtycentaurs to replenish any upcoming losses, send my siege forces in pursuit of the spearhead, and sneak 007's stealthy sappers along with the main force. Additionally, I order another Capricorn.

My scout network has reached the Atlantan capital: he has ~40 Reef Warriors, War Lobsters and Ichtyids in defense, led by a King of the Deep. Seems he's stocking up on siege troops to lay the death blow on R'lyeh.
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