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Default Re: Mytheology Pretenders 3

I made an update to the Mytheology 3.07r mod. I have been bold and renamed my version 3.08. A lot of pretenders now work again. And I tried to make some balance changes. (Nerfs mostly). There is still a lot wrong, and I could have done more. These are the changes so far:

- Moved some code around. Performed some cleanup.
- Renamed shuggoth to shoggoth. Which is the proper name for the Lovecraftian protoplasmic amoeba creatures.
- Improved the protection offered by the different circlets. They didn't really stack with normal armor.
Also decreased the construction costs and the path costs.
Pewter -> 8, Brass -> 13 Mithril -> 18
- Made the Psychic leech a misc item instead of a pair of boots.
- Removed redundant #clearmagic tag from the "Spider king"
- Changed Jack of Shadows darkpower to 5 (Still high, but not OMG EVERYTHING DIES high).
- Ubbo-Sathla can now spawn2 his own spawn.
- removed changes to Machaka, CBM already did this.
- swapped the monsterns on the chaos mage and the black dragon. Added pathcosts etc.
	If you want a multiform pretender to show up, his monsternr must be lower than his secondform.
- swapped the monsterns on the toaoist mage and the gold dragon.
- added bloodvengeance 1 to the menhir of courage. (Per notes, removed the whole Dakini part) Increased the prot to 22. Removed the weapon.
	it is kinda useless now.
- Changed the The Orb of Azathoth. It is now a new item. Igor's tome is back.
- Removed Revelation. As Holy spells are broken. (Moved them to .\mytheology\holyspells.txt)
- Changed desciption of the Diabolic Brigade. Now it is hopefully clear that you get imps.
- Nerfed the toad demon. Removed poison spikes, recuperation and reinvigoration. But I made it a normal amphibian. Which was the purpose of the monster. A beast that could enter the seas. Increased the cost to 88 blood slaves. Increased encumberance 4, supplybonus -30. As it allows the blooduser to branch out into earth. Decreased the cost as a pretender from 80 to 40. As the demon is now a bit weaker, and not a super good pretender SC.
- Changed the sprite of Ubbo-Sathla to the small version.
- Changed the sprite of Cthulhu to the small version.
- Removed Ubbo-Sathla second form (it was a bit overpowered :)). Added encumberance 4, reduced prot to 8.
- Removed the secondshape from the Ubbo spawn. Removed the acid spray from the spawn.
- Also made some unfriendly changes to Ubbo (and his spawn). #popkill 10 (1). #incunrest 10 (1). #leper 10 (1), #supplybonus -20 (-2) But added a pillage bonus 25 (5).
- Leper and popkill don't work on normal units
- Did you ever notice that the Pantokrator costs 358 points instaid of 350? This is because he/she/it had a random path. Removed now.
- The Ecclesiarch now has H3 and normal pretender domspread. (Not domspread 8 (which is as atrong as 8 prophets)). Mapmove 1 (used to be 2). (The popemobile is slow) Fear, Awe and Immortal. He is still to strong. 20 eyes is to much. I would rather see him autosummon minions in combat. Fixed his name.
- Fixed the monkey king EA weapon. Gave him Air 2 instead of air 1, air 1. He can now makemonster "another monkey king". Still doesn't summon them in combat.
- Made a list of all the different monster, armor, weapon numbers etc used. numbers.txt
- Removed immortal from the Grim Reaper. Removed gave him fear +1 (+3), removed awe 0. (D3 gives him additional fear) Way to strong otherwise. Size 6 (2)
- Menhir of Faith #spreaddom 1 (used to be 2). It now spread dom like prophet, instead of two prophets.
I also added some files to \mytheology:
changelog.txt (the above)
holyspells.txt (the removed not working spells)
numbers.txt (the used monster, weapon, etc numbers).

There is still a lot to test. And also a lot of different things to fix. But if anybody has some remarks. Post them here.
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