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Default Re: Finnish OOB 6.0

Here we go... re:

Sisu XA-* with OWS platforms lack FC values and are classified as non-turreted AAMGs suffering from being buttoned.

Turreted NSV-12.7s (PML - 127 - OWS) are in XA-203, XA-203+ and AMV Patria APC (XA-360). Statistics are probably quite similar to Swedish Patgb 203 A, albeit not the same weapon. Turret elevation is up to 48 degrees, so AFAIK AA-capable. re:

Weapon 069
12.7mm NSV TMG
Weapon class: 19 (AA capable Auto Cannon)

Units 051, 052, 054
Weapon 1: 69
Fire control: 5
Range Finder: 8

Patria APC
Weapon 1: 90 (40mm KrKK 05)
Fire control: 5
Range Finder: 8

XA-360 at FDF page, see bottom
"Asevarustus Kongsberg Protector RWS, jossa 12,7 mm raskaskonekivääri 2005 tai 40 mm kranaattikonekivääri 2005"

Weaponry Kongsberg Protector RWS, with 12.7 mm heavy machine gun 2005 or 40mm AGL 2005
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