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Default Conceptual Balance Mod 1.94 released!

I am pleased to present the first ever version of CBM (to my knowledge) uploaded from Japan! CBM 1.94, Tokyo Edition.

This is just a minor update to 1.93. Changelog:

- Kraken summoning requirements changed to W5, Ench 5 (was W4, Ench 6)
- Machaka's "Send Hunter Spider" spell nerfed - now N4, costs 4 gems (was N3, cost 2 gems)
- "Summon Scorpion Man" spell for Abysia and C'tis had research level reduced to 6 (was 8)
- Earth Kings (including Father Illearth) are now "Blind" (can see in the dark)
- EA Arco Chariot Archers changed so that after battle, killed archers do not return. Cost also increased to 45 gold (apparently they had been overpowered for years!).
- LA Man constructs all had elemental resistances reduced to 50%. Flavour texts changed to highlight this.
- LA Man's Colossus siege bonus reduced to 50 (from 100), and cost increased to 40 gems (from 30). Attack and defense also nerfed.
- LA Man's Clockwork Mason's castle defence ability slightly nerfed to 12 (was 15).
- New LA Man summon: Clockwork Phantom.

Bug fixes
- Path level increases for the EDM Air summons hadn't gone through. Now changed successfully.
- Changelog for 1.93 said that Ettin cost had increased; in fact this was deliberately not done.
- LA Man accidentally had a free Bean Sidhe summon and an erroneous "Summon Shades" spell; fixed.
- Shambler Skin Armor was still enc 0; now enc 1.
- Fixed minor issue from the sprite upgrade mod which gave Adepts of the metal orders two weapons by accident
- Fixed small bug meaning that changes to the forgeable Moon Blade weren't being applied
- Accidentally gave the Zmey heat instead of Heat Power (more powerful in hot dominion); fixed
- Failed to give Dwarf Elder intended forge bonus; fixed
- Changes to Zmey stats weren't properly applied to all the different partially headless forms; fixed.
- Seraph had some quirkiness in cost; fixed.
- Encumbrance not properly set on Fomorian slinger; fixed.
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