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Default Re: Murdering Winter

Originally Posted by bbz View Post
Some more info regarding the ID from a veteran player would be appreciated(or if it would be possible to use it the way I mentioned in the last paragraph)

So there are several questions here:

1.Is there any way you can see the exact ID number of your commander/troop?

2.How exactly are units given their ID numbers(is it decided by the turn and time that you buy it?)

3.Is the casting of ritual/forging "random" between the nations in the same way as it is inside one nation.
1 - Not from in-game. You can get a unit's ID (known as unit number) from the log file. Look for an early entry that looks like this

deploy_side 4673

The 4673 will be that unit's unit number. (and will be referenced in later log entries as either 4673 or unr4673)

2 - Units are assigned a unit number the first moment they appear in the game. So that is the point they are summoned or recruited. AFAIK this unit number never changes for the life of that unit. But when a unit dies, their unit number is freed up for future use. That is to say a unit does not keep its unit number after it has died.

It appears that units are assigned the lowest possible free unit number available at the time. Which is why your sometimes see newly bought mages appearing at the top of your mage list. Which indicates that mage has been assigned a unit number of a previously dead unit, as this unit number has now been freed up for re-use by that units death. Proper testing would be required to confirm this though, but it does both match and explain what regularly happens in games.

3 - Nations are irrelevant when it comes to the turn resolution squence. All that matters are the unit numbers. If the turn is resolved low-high then the unit with unr1 acts first, followed by unr2, then unr3 etc etc. And vice versa for high-low. It does not matter which nations these units belong to, as that plays no part in the turn resolution.

(Disclaimer - The above answers are correct to the best of my knowledge. If someone has tests to show otherwise though, then please post them, as all the community would benefit from seeing them and help bring understanding to a rather unclear/high guesswork, aspect of the game)

Originally Posted by bbz View Post
clarification: if Nation 1 and Nation 2 have 3 mages each.assuming the ID is shared between the nations(which might not be true).
Mages with ID 1,3,5 is from Nation 1 and mages with ID 2,4,6 are from Nation 2.

When it comes to lets say forging a uniqe item. Given that nation 2 will use Mage ID 2 to forge the item. Can nation 1 ensure getting the item by forging it with Mage ID 1 and with Mage ID 5 at the same time? (thus no matter which way around the forging starts Nation 1 is always the first to forge it)

If that is so this can be used in many ways.
I think my answer to 3 clarifies and answers the above. Although please say if there is anything that your are still uncertain about.
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