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Default Re: Weapons accuracy

There will always be times in any game, especially one with chance in its fundamental design, where things will go wrong for one side or well for another. That is the nature of random numbers. Sometimes you make bank from the casino - but mainly the casino gains from you.

Oddly enough, though every so often some frustrated player will pop up with something like your post, hardly ever does anyone do the opposite and say it's too easy. Though everyone will have thier tale of zipping some tank over a hill and firing off a Hail Mary shot at a ridiculous range - and connecting.

The firing routines are composed of many functions that call many subordinate functions - not a simple odds-shift table as in tabletop wargames. Nor can any details other than what is in the Mobhack help file be let out due to the NDA.

But the AI fires according to exactly the same rules as you. The only time it will gain an advantage might be in a scenario where the designer assigned a few Wittmans to oppose you. Experience is a major player in to-hit rolls and failure (or not) of the various fumbles that can happen in the code - as is suppression, and EXP helps deal with that as well.

But if truly frustrated, you could always exit and return to a previous save and try again and see if the laws of randomness were with you this time. The random number seed is not saved with each savegame.
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