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Default Re: Ferret Mk 5 - Size 0 Unit?

The real World British Army kept 120mm RCL units in the Berlin garrison post introduction of MILAN.

In the game univers, a fleeting target zipping across a gap between city blocks is in as much danger as from a 120mm APDS round, because the missile and the gun, in game, both engage at the target hex instantly on firing. No allowance is made for time of flight (and I cannot think of how to implement that!) so in real life the APDS would likely connect, but the misssile would whizz thtough empty air as the motoring tank disappeared behind the building (or tree or hill etc). A 120mm RCL would have a chance in Berlin - MILAN would only be useful on targets that decided to stop in clear view for a few seconds too long.

Tabletop 1/300 and paper hex rules had fancy overwatch rules, where you designated targets in a sub-phase, did movement in a subsequent sub-pahse, then firing, and atgm whose designated target was out of sight were either wasted or did not fire (depending on the complexity of the rule set). And then reaction fire sub-phases where overwatching firers maybe diced to try to engage the ATGM shooter.

But this game has no sub-phases - its the whole point of SP that Joe average could just shuffle tanks about and fire with no need for bookkeeping, orders, any of the stuff a 1/300 ruleset had and required detailed poring over the rules, argumants with the opponent and/or umpires with etc.

Tabletop games took long amounts of time to set up and clear away, and in a game club meeting you may be lucky to get 10-15 turns in on a full Saturday, less on a weekday evening meet. The SP series, even the first SP1 completely blew away all the hassle of stuff like that, you could dive in straight away.
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