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Default Re: Game,HoC - House of Chains. Non NewB. Submit Pretenders

Originally Posted by Corinthian View Post

Good luck with that Stegadon invasion you have going on there. That should be some bumfight. Normally I'd say that tramplers would have an advantage vs heavy infantry. But just about every troop type that Itza got is coldblooded and the dwarves like their dominion cold. Also we are heading for winter. The dwarves should have problem invading Itza and Itza should have problems invading the dwarves. But they must fight. THEY MUST!
Bah, We lizards have no quarrel with our Dwarven neighbors. It's all hot and steamy up here and one thing we know dwarves aren't, is hot and steamy! And Dwarves don't taste good either. We will stay in our swamps if they stay in their caverns.
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