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Default Re: Game,HoC - House of Chains. Non NewB. Submit Pretenders

Originally Posted by Executor View Post
Hmmm. I disregarded crowns as capitals as they made no sense. One half of the map seems to be practically inhabited by only two nations. WL, you seriously need to start paying attention to this in larger games. It's no fun getting in turn 6 wars all the time.

Well on the upside we the dwarfs are not in war with Itza if you're curious, and I'm really glad I used the expansion strategy that I did.
On the downside I am facing tramplers and it seems like you're my second neighbor, eh?
We are peaceful lizards. We just want to bathe in the sun all day and eat small pigs smothered in tobasco sauce.

I second the point about the starting positions though. Pretty crowded up here.
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