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Default Re: Campaign games

Originally Posted by Imp View Post
Just a thought what would distinguish them if you could find it is the file(s) that control the campaign. Press edit Campaign on the Campaign screen to see what I am referring to.
Hello Imp,

I think I see what you mean: those are the files in the "Campaigns" subfolder of the winSPWW2 installation, right?

Let's see what these are:
  • "UCAMPiii.txt" - text file with the campaign description
  • "UCAMPiii.dat" - binary file containing the campaign definition and rules
  • "Uiii?jjj.txt" - text descriptions for use during the campaign
  • "CiiiSjjj.dat" - scenario files for the battles in the campaigns
The interesting information is probably in the "UCAMPiii.dat" files?

Unfortunately, these are binary files, using a file format that warcab does not understand.

And, even if warcab could understand these files, it is not clear to me how it would be able to relate savegames
with battles in the campaign.

Looking at the "RoundHammer: Normandy 1943" campaign, I noticed most of its battles take place in july and
august 1943. Because winSPWW2 and winSPMBT only keep track of the year and the month for battle dates,
using the battle date will not suffice to distinguish these different battles.

It is clear that the game itself is able to do this. It can figure out (after loading a savegame) to which battle in
which campaign it belongs.

I would like very much for warcab to be able to do the same, but it seems I am missing some essential
information to be able to do this.

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