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Default Re: This is crazy

I would try sending a private message to the dev, "ibol" on these forums. I'm not sure how actively he checks them to see your message, but he has said in the past that if you are a legitimate customer that he would probably help you out with a new code. I tried to find his email address on his website, but to no avail.

That said, this is a perfect example of DRM punishing real customers while probably doing very little to prevent piracy. If someone managed to break the DRM (I haven't bothered to look as I actually purchased the game) they would not be stuck with this three install restraint. So now any real customer has to jump through hoops if they want to install this game years down the line, but a pirate wouldn't have any such issue.

I strongly encourage ibol/Shrapnel Games to make one final patch for this game that would remove the DRM. Lord knows that the high price has already prevented any chance for this game to really succeed. You might as well give the customers who did support it the benefit of knowing that they will be able to install it wherever/whenever they please.

I actually just started playing this again, and have enjoyed it (other than the fire blobs. I think their spawn rates are a bit out of whack) and could totally see myself coming back to play this many times again the future - unless I'm blocked from reinstalling by unnecessary DRM, of course.
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