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Default Re: Changing Dominions 3 defaults

This one actually copies all of the Dom3 savegames directory to an oldsaves directory.
Then to restore it just find your game in oldsaves, and copy its files back to savegames

cd c:\program files\dominions3
C:\WINDOWS\system32\xcopy.exe /yes savedgames oldsaves /i
If you put this in a noetpad file called d3bakup.bat then the switch for your Dom3 shortcut is
--preexec C:\bat\d3bakup.bat
and every time just before hosting a new turn, it will backup all saved games.
A bit large and clunky but its easy to follow for DOS or Linux people.

And if you just want to do backups on a click once in awhile I have a desktop shortcut for it in the Utilities section of

As lch said there have been other improved versions. Various program languages and such for those more comfortable with those.
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